Lepro 10 Packs 4-Pin LED Strip Lights Connectors for 10mm SMD 5050 RGB LED Strips, Include 5 L Shape and 5 Line Shape Solderless Adapter Connector Terminal Extension

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10-Pack, 2 Shape: Include 5-pack L shape and 5-pack line shape connectors, perfect for both 90 degree corners connection and extension along a straight line, can be used in more occasions.

Easy to Use: Create a quick shunt, solid connection without the hassles of soldering. For detailed installation methods, please check product pictures or instructions.

Suitable for: 4-pin, 10mm, non-waterproof RGB led strip lights. Please note that when connecting, "+12V" needs to be on the same side.

Widely Used: Mainly suitable for corners, stairs, TV and other places. Or when you need to extend the length of the light strip.

Lepro RGB Strip Lights Connectors

What you get

  • 10-pack plastic connection clips
  • 5-pack L shape strip
  • 5-pack Line shape strip

Easy to use

Please note:

The plastic connection clips needs to be connected from the front. Please follow the picture demonstration to connect.


The attached strip is very flexible, you can use it to solve the problem of obstacles on the sticking surface.

Widely Use

Contains two shapes strip accessories-L shape and Line shape, suitable for more scenes.

SKU 500001-10 Material Plastic
Package Quantity Pack of 10 Units Dimmable Non-dimmable
Lepro 10 Packs 4-Pin LED Strip Lights Connectors ...
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