Best Outdoor Color Changing LED Flood Lights

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Where to Use Colored LED Flood Lights?

LED flood lights are one of the most widely used light sources both indoors and outdoors, and provide even illumination that washes across an entire area. They are very commonly used in night lighting and as part of the decorations of a place. This is especially the case for the RGB color changing LED flood lights, and with just a change in color, one can completely change the atmosphere of a place. As such, color changing LED flood lights are seen at wedding ceremonies, holiday parties, as well as part of the landscape decorations, where they are the background lighting of choice.

Below is an introduction to 5 of the most popular outdoor colored LED flood lights for your consideration.

Top 5 Outdoor Color Changing LED Flood Lights

  1. Lepro RGBW LED Flood Light with Remote Control
  2. ChangM LED Flood Lights RGB Color Changing
  3. Onforu 20W RGB Flood Light
  4. USTELLAR 2 Pack 25W Color Changing Floodlight
  5. ILC LED Flood Light

1. Lepro 50W RGB LED Flood Light with Remote Control

Lepro provides 15W and 50W RGBW LED Flood Lights, with the Lepro 15W RGBW LED flood light outputs 1200 lumens, while the Lepro 50W RGBW LED flood light provides 4000 lumens. Which model is more appropriate is dependent on your needs.

Lepro 15W RGB LED Flood Light

colored led flood lights
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RGB+White: The product is equipped with a remote control, and provides 7 adjustable light colors, including daylight white. Additionally, you can also adjust the brightness, as well as turn on flashing mode and control the speed of the color change. With these options, you can easily create different lighting effects.

IP65 Waterproof: Lepro LED multi-color floodlights are made from a waterproof material, so you can safely install them in your garden, backyard, by poolside or other outdoor places.

Memory Function: When you once again switch on the LED flood lights, the light will automatically default to the color and mode that was set before it was turned off.

Quality Assurance: This product has obtained ETL certification, and comes with a 2-year warranty period. Product quality is guaranteed.

2. ChangM LED Flood Lights RGB Color Changing

Bluetooth Connect & App Control: After connecting with Bluetooth, you can use an app on your mobile phone to control the lights, including changing the light color and the mode.

color changing led flood lights

16 Million Colors and 20 Modes: Open up the mobile app and you will be able to select the color of the light (including warm white) and 20 flashing modes.

IP66: The product has an IP66 protection rating, so rest assured that this color changing LED flood light can be used in the rain or snow. Whether you choose to place it in the garden, backyard, aisle, porch or driveway, it is an extremely practical choice.

Music Mode: After selecting music mode, ChangM LED flood light is able to access the music files in the app or catch the rhythm of background music, and switch the light colors according to the rhythm of the music.

3. Onforu 20W RGB Flood Light

16 Colors: Onforu RGB LED Flood Light provides 16 colors and 4 modes to choose from, with a remote control provided to adjust the brightness.

outdoor color changing led flood lights

Easy to Install: All you need to do is to connect it to the power supply, no wiring is required. The colored outdoor led flood light fixture can be adjusted 180°, so it is very convenient to install and use, whether it is on the ceiling, the ground or the wall.

IP66 Waterproof: The product has an IP66 protection rating, and it is made of die-cast aluminum shell, making it highly durable. It is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, under rain and snow.

4. USTELLAR 2 Pack 25W Color Changing Floodlight

DIY Color Adjustment: While USTELLAR Color Changing Floodlight provides a default selection of 20 colors, there is also a DIY button on the remote control for your to customize your own light color.

colored led flood lights outdoor

IP66 Protection: LED color changing flood lights are usually installed in outdoor places such as gardens, backyards, roadsides, etc. The IP66 protection rating ensures that the lights can work normally in bad weather.

Durable: Its aluminum shell allows for good heat dissipation, and it has a service life of up to 50,000 hours, with a 3-year warranty.

5. ILC LED Flood Light

Smart Operation: You can control the color, mode, brightness, and other aspects of the light on your mobile phone app by connecting it to your phone’s Bluetooth. If multiple color changing LED flood lights have been installed, they can be adjusted and controlled simultaneously.

led colored flood lights

Timer Mode: Set an ‘on’ or ‘off’ time through the mobile app and once this is done, the LED flood light will be automatically turned on or off every day without the need for manual adjustment.

Peace of Mind: ILC RGBW Outdoor Smart Floodlights provide a 2-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

With this, you now have an idea of the 5 most popular color changing LED flood lights, and can choose the appropriate one to install for your porch, backyard, balcony, terrace, garden, as well as other outdoor or other indoor environments. Whether for lighting or decoration, all are very excellent choices.

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