Best 5 Hallway Lighting Picks for 2022

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If your hallway does not have windows flanking it, it is likely to be one of the gloomiest places in your house. For this reason, illuminating the hall with some creative lighting solutions is a must if you would like to be able to navigate it at night.

When it comes to hallway lighting, finding the perfect lights can be a tricky problem because there are so many options available on the market. There’s not really much room to put a lamp in a hallway, which makes them less well-lit than other rooms because finding compact and powerful lighting can be very challenging. Lighting fixtures for hallways must be custom-made to accommodate the space’s short width and high ceilings, thus this can be a difficult task. Today, we’ll be diving into some of the most practical lighting solutions and why they might be a good fit for your hallway.

1. Lepro Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture for Hallway

This LED ceiling light from Lepro is ideal if you’re looking for a bright and compact hallway light. Despite its simplistic design, this lamp is able to seamlessly fit into any contemporary space. Given its IP54 rating, you could keep it in a bathroom, a balcony, or anywhere else without fear of it becoming damaged by moisture.

The entire lamp is waterproof because it is packaged as a sealed unit, making it a great option for wet and moist spaces. Additionally, it is extremely energy-efficient, saving up to 85% of the energy used by a standard 100W incandescent bulb. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, it’s also much brighter and lasts for an incredible 20,000 hours.

Despite the fact that it is a strong and cool hallway light, it is designed to be glare-free, making it very easy on the eyes. Having a 15W light like this placed in your hallway will ensure that there are no dark areas. Additionally, it’s great for placing on top of kitchen cabinets and workbenches and another great perk is that it doesn’t make any unpleasant noises.


  • Bright and glare-free
  • Up to 85% energy savings
  • Sleek and modern looks
  • IP54 water-resistant rating

2. LB72120 LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Light Blue USA has released another flush-mount LED ceiling light. There are two rings on this 12-inch lamp, and it has a rubbed bronze finish. It has a simplistic double-ring design. This 15-watt bulb is as brilliant as a 120-watt incandescent and reduces energy consumption by up to 85%.

The light features a contemporary flush-mount style that is suitable for workplaces, bedrooms, and corridors. It is a great option for business and residential settings. This ceiling light’s acrylic shade gives it a sleek and elegant appearance. If you have low ceilings, this lamp is a great option for illuminating your corridor.

This lamp is available in three distinct color options: soft white, cool white, and daylight. It is also available in four different sizes to accommodate diverse applications. However, even though the shade material appears to be very light and translucent, you will hardly notice its presence after its installation. Instead of being made of plastic, it has a frosted glass appearance.

LB72120 LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light


  • Lightweight
  • Contemporary appearance
  • Bright and luminous LEDs


  • Plastic shades

3. Mirrea LED Track Lighting Heads

With its warm-colored lights, Mirrea’s LED track lighting fixtures can be used for more than just lighting corridors.

When it comes to LED track lighting, the Mirrea LED comes in second place since it’s both beautiful and functional. Six lights are incorporated in this LED track lighting, which is mostly designed for aesthetics.

Since the bulbs have a 6.5-watt power rating, you get a lot of light output, as well as plenty of bulbs. A two-year guarantee is included with this LED track lighting fixture from Merria because of its high pricing.

3. Mirrea LED Track Lighting Heads


  • Aesthetically-pleasing looks
  • Bright and powerful lights
  • Easy on the eyes


  • Somewhat pricey

4. LEONLITE LED Track Head Lighting

This famous brand of lighting fixtures is well-known for its high output and ability to adequately illuminate vast spaces.

The Leonlite LED track lighting rightfully earns a spot on our list since is undoubtedly among some of the best lighting solutions on the market. However, with only 4 lights included, this fixture may be considered too modest by certain customers.

Fortunately, the power rating of 8.5 watts provided by every single bulb ensures that you still receive a rather strong brightness output lighting choice. This neon light product comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee, which is a nice perk.

LEONLITE LED Track Head Light


  • Pretty affordable LED track lighting
  • Decent warranty period
  • Good build quality
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


  • Relatively expensive

5. Globe Electric Foldable Track Lighting

Just 2 inches of ceiling space are taken up by the pot light’s ultra-thin body, which has a thickness of only 0.4 inches and is flush with the ceilings. Because of their low profile, recessed canister light fixtures are an excellent choice for rooms with low ceilings. Retrofitting them into existing ceilings, renovating them, or building new structures is also a breeze.

The Lepro recessed lights are cool to the touch, so you won’t have to have to stress out about them overheating in the ceiling like other LED light bulbs. Dimming the lights to your preferred level of comfort and efficiency is easy thanks to the lights’ compatibility with the vast majority of dimmer manufacturers.

Globe Electric Foldable Track Light


  • Cool to the touch
  • Reasonably priced option
  • Brightness control and dimming features
  • Comes with sturdy clips


  • Bulky and heavy

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