Best LED High Bay Lights for Garage

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Why Choose LED High Bay Lights for Garage

In the past, people used traditional fluorescent lights or metal halide lights for garage lighting, but with the development of LED lights, people have found that LED lights are more durable, environmentally friendly, and efficient. From the perspective of long-term use, in various industrial and commercial settings, the energy-saving qualities and durability of LED lights can reduce significant costs from use. High luminous efficiency can also bring about better illumination effects. Therefore, LED lights are gradually replacing traditional fluorescent lights and metal halide lights.

High bay lights refer to lights suitable for use with high ceilings, and that can be hung on ceilings over 20 feet high. We often see LED high bay lights being used in large garages, warehouses, workshops, gymnasiums, and other places, where they can fully meet lighting needs. If you are looking for lighting fixtures suitable for garages, then LED high bay lights are the best choice.

100W high bay light

How to Choose LED High Bay Garage Lights

When buying LED high bay lights for garage lighting, you may have a question such as this: After knowing the length, width, and height of the garage, how should I select LED high bay lights in such a way to save on costs while also meeting lighting needs? First of all, it is necessary to clarify the length, width, and height of the garage in question as well as other specific dimensions, so as to know the approximate installation height and the required quantity of lights. Generally speaking, the higher the installation height, the greater the brightness needs to be, in order to ensure sufficient illumination. For example, 100W 13,000lm LED high bay lights can be installed at a height of 15 feet, but if installed at a height of 25 feet, the illumination effect will be greatly reduced. Here, using 200W 26,000lm high bay lights will better meet the demand.

high bay lights in garage

Secondly, it is necessary to understand the illuminance required by the setting in question. The illuminance required by different places will be different. At the same time, the illuminance of lights also differs at different heights. It is also necessary to go according to the height of suspension of the LED high bay lights, in order to see which light needs to be chosen along with the illuminance it can reach, to meet the needs of the setting in question.

The following shows the LED high bay light models suitable for different installation heights recommended by Lepro.

Suggested Mounting Height of Lepro High Bay

Product Suggested Mounting Height
100W UFO LED High Bay 12-18ft
150W UFO LED High Bay 14-22ft
240W UFO LED High Bay 19-28ft

Of course, when it comes to illumination settings such as large garages, it is recommended to use more professional lighting design software for planning. Import the IES files related to LED high bay lights and enter the relevant data of the garage space. The software will help you to figure out how to better meet lighting needs.

In addition, product quality and price should be the two most important factors when buying LED high bay garage lights. In terms of quality, checking whether UL safety certification has been obtained, the warranty duration, and materials used, and choosing products with guaranteed quality, will put you at greater ease during use. As for the price, while looking at the unit price of the product, also see if there is a DLC rebates, which will also allow for significant cost savings.

Recommend the Best LED Lights for High Bay Garage

The above introduces some aspects that require attention when choosing LED high bay lights for garages. Next, I will introduce Lepro LED high bay lights for garages. From the perspective of product quality and price, it can provide you with the best choice. First of all, Lepro LED high bay are UL certificated, and come with a five-year warranty, so there is no need to worry about not getting any help when running into problems during use.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, the illuminance reached will be different when installed at different heights. Lepro provides many different models including 100W 13,000lm, 150W 19,000lm, and 240W 32,000lm, at highly affordable prices. Visit the product details page to get more detailed data and make selections according to the actual situation. At the same time, there is also the opportunity to receive DLC rebates, which can save costs significantly.

In short, if you are deciding on suitable lighting fixtures for your garage, Lepro LED high bay lights are certainly the best choice.

How to Install LED High Bay Lights in Garage

The installation method of LED high bay garage lights is very simple. Check the video below to find out. If you have any questions, click on the relevant page to get detailed information on the installation guide of LED high bay lights.

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