The Best Landscape Lights to Illuminate Your Garden, Patio or Porch

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The right outdoor lighting has a myriad of great benefits: it boosts home security, makes you feel safe when you are outside early in the morning or at night, and allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces long after the sun has set! That’s why landscape lighting is a perfect addition to every home. These fixtures are ideal for illuminating poorly-lit sections of your yard, whether in your garden or along your driveway. Below, explore the best landscape lighting options that have earned a seal of approval from reviewers, no matter your outdoor lighting needs.

What to Consider When Choose Landscape Lighting

For long-lasting, energy-efficient landscape lights, first look for fixtures that use LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs. LEDs are commonly known for being extremely durable and consuming far less energy than regular CFL bulbs. Another great option is solar landscape lights that rely on sunlight during the day to recharge their battery. This makes for an easy set-up and very eco-friendly energy use. However, it has to be noted that solar lights require direct exposure to light and often don’t offer as much illumination as wired landscape lighting. For increased brightness (or areas that the sun doesn’t reach directly), low-voltage landscape lighting is another great, energy-efficient alternative. Allowing for DIY installation, these lights connect to a transformer through wires that can be buried underground or sit atop the soil. Because of their low voltage, these lights come with a very low risk of electrical shock and require little energy to run.

Now, onto the lights!

Create your ultimate outdoor lighting system with one or several of the below landscape lights, including solar-powered and low-voltage options. These sleek, energy-efficient fixtures will keep to your home illuminated from dusk to dawn!

Best Flood Lights – Lepro 30W LED Landscape Flood Light

The perfect replacement for a traditional 150W incandescent lightbulb, the Lepro 30W LED flood light can comparatively save you over 85% of power and dramatically reduce your electricity bill! This commercial-grade lamp is equipped with a powerful infrared-sensing function, making it a user-friendly, instant-on, and great energy-saving addition to your home and yard. Owing to the lamp’s remarkable manual control mechanism, you are able to manually control sensing distance, time, angle direction and illumination from the comfort of your home. Backed by IP65 certification, the Lepro 30W LED flood light with motion sensor easily withstands dust and rain.


  • Flexible sensor head
  • IP65 Certified
  • 120-degree wide beam detection angle

Best Wall Pack Light – Lepro 80W LED Wall Pack Light

When it comes to security, you, of course, don’t want to compromise. You want the very best product with the brightest illumination over a large enough area. Lepro’s 80W LED Wall Pack Light does just that. It can deter potentially dangerous animals and burglars looking to do you and your property harm.

Its power derives from the standard 120-volt current. The lighting is easily installed atop garages or eaves, comfortably illuminating walkways or your backyard. Although it’s just 80 watts, this is the equivalent of a 400W MH or 160W HID light fixture and has a 10,000 lumens maximum output with 5000K cool radiant light. The manufacturer recommends an installation height of between 12 feet and 17 feet. 

When you want the very best outdoor security light for your home, this is one of the best on the market and definitely one to consider.

Best String Light – Lepro Solar LED String Light

In a large backyard or garden, you need something better and more powerful than a simple landscape lighting system or path lights. The Lepro Outdoor Solar LED String Light Bulb delivers just that. With this light, you can easily cover significant ground thanks to its 25-feet of lighting without taking up much of your own space. The solar panel has a built-in light sensor, automatically switching on and off when it senses the dark or dawn.

Lepro designed these lights with all kinds of weather in mind, meaning they are quite durable and will last you for a great deal time. They have an IP65 waterproof, which means they can easily withstand snow and rain without experiencing damage.

Best Pathway Lights – Balhvit Solar Pathway Lights

Line the path to your front door with these landscape lights for increased nighttime safety and curb appeal! The two-pack Balhvit Solar Pathway Lights are solar-powered LEDs that provide bright, long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting. Even better, with their ornate design they will add an elegant flair to your outdoor surroundings. Measuring nearly 17 inches tall, they’re held in place with rust-resistant stainless steel stakes and come with a strong waterproof rating that allows them to readily withstand most weather conditions.

“When I received these new lights I knew immediately that they were a quality product,” a shopper shared in their review. “The glass on these lights is gorgeous and has a good weight to them. Most importantly the light created by the bulbs is very bright and creates a beautiful effect when it shines through the glass.”

Best Spotlight – LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Lighting

LITOM spotlights hold up pretty well in rainy conditions with a waterproof rating of IP67 which means they can be dropped into meter-deep water for approximately half an hour. We also love its two lighting modes – “low” light (12 hours) and “high” light (6 hours) with a very short 4 to 5-hour charge time. These solar lights definitely offer the best run-to-charge time ratio of all the solar lights on our list!

Thanks to its adjustable frame, the LITOM Solar Landscape Lights can flex 90 degrees, making it a really great choice for illuminating flags, outdoor furniture or wall decor. They can be mounted virtually anywhere, including pools and gardens, which makes them a flexible choice whatever your needs. A three-year warranty gives peace of mind and makes these lights a great selection for your home.

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