Best 5 LED Emergency Exit Signs

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Exit Signages are permanently lit vibrant signs, frequently sighted, more or less above every door in public facilities leading outdoors, capturing just about everyone’s attention. Are you having a tough time and experiencing difficulty figuring out and locating a top-quality LED Exit Light? This is where we come in. After thoroughly screening, examining in-depth, and employing all the commercially available models on the market today, we have compiled and drawn up a comprehensive list of some of the best-LED Exit Lights for 2021.

5 Best LED Exit Lights

List of the 5 Best LED Exit Lights:

  1. Lepro LED Exit Sign
  2. Ciata Exit Sign
  3. SPECTSUN LED Exit Sign with Battery Backup
  4. Hykolity Red Exit Sign
  5. LFI Lights Red LED Exit Sign

1.    Lepro LED Exit Sign

The high-performance Lepro 4.2W Exit Sign may be installed in multiple ways and is perfect for ceiling and reverse mounting. It comes accompanied by a battery and the required mounting equipment, accessories, and tools inside the package. The ultra-long quality battery used in the Lepro exit sign can be recharged 500 times, and they work for a minimum of at least 45000 minutes. In case of a black-out or power loss, a full charge provides a backup of 90 mins of emergency luminous flux. This fixture can operate at 120V and 277V and are ideal and specifically suited for residential, commercial, and industrial lighting purposes. The Lepro Exit sign emergency light used in commercial facilities may be applied in office buildings, over exit doors, and stairways in preschools, schools, churches, office premises, hospitals, etc.


  • Affordable price
  • Flame retardant
  • Upholds UL & RoHS certification
  • Adjustable Heads & single or double-sided exit sign.
  • Ultra-bright & ultra-long battery back-up.

2.    Ciata Lighting – Best for Budget Conscious Users

Ciata Lighting exit sign

The Ciata Exit Sign is a combination of an exit sign and emergency light, which comes with a battery backup. This unique product also features a reflector and lens assembly component. The fixture is a durable, long-standing, adjustable unit that encompasses highly efficient LED lamp heads. Each lamp head has a 0.5-watt LED that emits luminous white light. The bi-color LED indicator light indicates and signals the occupant on the status of the battery, where the green connotes a fully charged battery and normal functioning, while red signifies that the battery may not last an entire shift and requires full attention.

The internal solid-state transfer switch automatically connects the internal battery to the LED board and LED lamp heads. The fully automated solid-state of the two-rate charger initiates battery charging and thereby fully recharges a completely drained-out or dead battery in just a matter of 24 hours.


  • The unique bi-color LED indicator light flags and warns occupants of the battery condition.
  • Fully automatic solid-state, two-rate charger initiates battery charging to recharge an entirely depleted battery in 24 hours.
  • Ez-snap thermoplastic mounting allows top or end mounting.


  • Though the product comes with a battery, it cannot be plugged in but needs to be wired in manually at the time of installation.
  • The sign is not double-sided.

3.  Spectsun LED Exit Sign with Battery Backup

3.  SPECTSUN LED Exit Sign with Battery Backup

Spectsun lighting is responsible for architecting this amazing exit sign that comprises a hardwire red exit LED light in conjunction with battery backup. The LED exit sign is constructed from an ABS housing material that withstands and prevents discoloration. As a result of the cover being made from a thermoplastic and injection molded material, it is one of the most durable exit signs on our list. In the wake of the excellent life expectancy of the battery pack, it supports 50000 hours of working time in addition to the 300 charge cycles. The Spectsun LED Exit sign, besides being UL certified, also complies with the regulations of the FCC.

The directional arrows displayed on the exit sign are detachable and may be easily reinstalled depending on the different directional requirements.


  • The low-profile canopy with captive screws allows flexible installation.
  • The electrical parts and casing are backed by 5-year warranty coverage.


  • Absence of bi-color LED light.
  • The exit sign needs to be wired in constantly to avoid operational disruption.

4.    Hykolity Red Exit Sign

The Hykolity LED exit sign comes coupled with bright red LEDs and 6″ inch high letters with a 3/4″ inch stroke that is easily and clearly visible from up to 100 feet away. Each side of the emergency light has bright adjustable floodlight heads on the sign that may be tilted in any direction offering high and maximum visibility with 300° rotation. The flexibility of the light allows you to point the lights in a direction at almost a 200°angle. The test button and test light located at the bottom middle side of the light permit you to test the light during installation.

Hykolity Red Exit Sign


  • 5-year warranty
  • Injection-molded, flame-retardant, and high impact thermoplastic casing.


  • The outlook is not very attractive.
  • This exit sign must be wired while being used, else it might interfere with the operation.

5.  LFI Lights Red LED Exit Sign

This product is an efficient and safe exit sign composed of an emergency light combination. Users can save money by purchasing this combination product, which contains two. Like any other emergency light sign, it uses durable and low-maintenance nickel-cadmium batteries. The product includes a panel with left/right arrows. The fixtures in the product are single-sided or double-sided or are UL-certified products. It also complies with NFPA101, OSHA, and UL924 emergency standards.


  • Meets and rather exceeds UL924 standards (21 separate tests), NEC, OSHA & NFPA 101 Life Safety Code requirements.
  • Non-CEC Compliant
  • Aluminum body comes with a high-grade acrylic face & customizable arrows.
  • Wall, sloped, high, or standard ceiling mounting hardware available.
  • Most versatile edge-lit exit sign in the market.


  • Not suitable for remote head equipment.
  • Only designed to be hard-wired.

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