How to Choose the Best LED Flood Light for Backyard

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  1. Are there any LED flood lights that can light up my backyard?

    Of course. There are many LED flood lights on the market that can be used for backyard lighting in homes or industrial venues, but whether it can meet your backyard lighting needs depends on the area size of the backyard that needs to be illuminated, and whether the chosen LED flood light can provide sufficient illumination.

  2. What size LED flood lights are needed to light up my backyard? How many LED flood lights do I need for my backyard?

    Firstly, you need to measure the area of the backyard that needs to be illuminated. If the illumination area is large, think about whether you need to install multiple lights. Secondly, pay attention to the relevant parameters when choosing LED flood lights, such as power, brightness, color temperature, and beam angle. If you need to illuminate a large factory backyard area, we recommend that you import the light’s IES file into a professional lighting design software (such as Dialux) for calculation to obtain more accurate lighting suggestions and solutions.

Recommend the Best Outdoor LED Flood Light for Yard

To meet different lighting needs, Lepro provides LED flood lights with different powers, so you can find a suitable model for different uses, whether for home courtyard lighting or factory backyard security lighting. In addition, Lepro LED flood lights use durable commercial grade die-cast aluminum housing and heat-resistant and impact-resistant tempered glass, has a protection grade of IP65, has passed ETL & FCC certification, and has a service life of up to 15,000 hours. You don’t have to worry about any quality or safety issues when using it in your backyard or other outdoor venues.

The following are lighting suggestions for Lepro LED flood lights of different powers for reference.

15W LED Flood Light30W LED Flood Light50W LED Flood Light100W LED Flood
Ideal forSmall patios, small placesBackyards, drivewaysPool areas, large landscapingParking/play area, commercial properties
Mounting Height8-10ft8-12ft10-15ft14-20ft
Coverage Area20ft diameter
315 sq.ft
30ft diameter
700 sq.ft
50ft diameter
2000 sq.ft
100ft+ diameter
6000 sq.ft+
Replaces75-120W Incandescent
30-60W MH
120-300W Incandescent
60-100W MH
300-500W Incandescent
100-200W MH
200-400W MH

In addition to security lighting, LED flood lights can also be used for decorative lighting. Here, we recommend Lepro RGB LED Flood Light. You can create a different atmosphere in your backyard by adjusting the color and blinking mode and speed.

How to Install LED Backyard Flood Light

Lepro LED flood lights are very easy to install with 360-degree adjustment capability. You can install them on the ground or on a wall in your backyard. Check out the video below for detailed installation steps. And you can also get detailed tutorial on how to install LED flood light for yard.

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