Best LED Fluorescent Tube Replacement

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  1. Are LED lights cheaper to run than fluorescent?

    Although the initial purchase cost of LED tube lights is higher than that of traditional fluorescent lights, LED tube lights are more energy-efficient, have a longer service life, consume less energy and save electricity, and do not need to be replaced as frequently. In general, LED Tube lights are more cost-effective and involve fewer worries during use.

  2. Should I replace fluorescent with LED? What is the difference between LED and fluorescent? Are LED tubes brighter than fluorescent?

    In the past, people commonly used fluorescent lights for different commercial and industrial lighting fixtures, including workshops, supermarkets, warehouses, garages and so on. Yet, with the development of LED lights, people have found that LED lights are more energy-efficient, safer, more environmentally friendly, have a longer service life, and have higher efficiency and better lighting effects.
    More importantly, it should be noted that fluorescent lights contain toxic mercury. When a fluorescent light is broken or has to be recycled at the end of its life, it comes with certain safety risks. For this reason, among lights of similar appearance, LED tube lights have become more and more widely adopted in different settings to replace traditional fluorescent lights.

  3. Can you put LED bulbs in a fluorescent fixture? Do I need to remove the ballast to use an LED tube light?

    LED tube lights can be used directly to replace fluorescent tubes. But different types of LED tube lights are different when installed. If you buy type A LED tube lights, you do not need to remove the ballast. But if you buy other types of tube lights, you need to remove the ballast and install it.
    Type A LED tube lights are plug-and-play. They do not need to re-wired, so you can directly replace the original fluorescent tube, and the installation is very simple. However, it should be used together with an adapted ballast, so you must pay attention to the ballast model when using it to avoid problems caused by ballast incompatibility.
    Type B LED tube lights do not need to use a ballast. You can remove the ballast from the lamp before installation. Furthermore, type B LED tube lights have two types of tubes, single ended power and double ended power, and their installations are different. When using type B tube lights, you need to perform electrical modifications, such as removing the ballast, rewiring and so on. Therefore, it is best to adopt the highest safety measures and have a professional electrician handle this.
    Type C LED tube lights have an external driver, which can be used after removing the ballast. Similarly, when performing electrical renovation, it is recommended that you find a professional to carry out the re-installation and renovation.

led replacement for fluorescent tube

Recommend the Best T8 4ft LED Replacement for Fluorescent Tube

If you are looking for LED tube lights that can be used to replace traditional fluorescent lights for garages, warehouses, classrooms, workshops or shopping malls, you should consider the Lepro T8 4ft LED tube lights. Currently, we can offer the type B LED tube lights, which come with a choice of single ended power or double ended power. Shortly, we will also be launching the type A LED tube lights, which do not require removing the ballast and are plug-and-play.

led fluorescent tube replacement wiring diagram

How Do You Bypass the Fluorescent Ballast for LED Tube Lights?

The following video shows how to remove the ballast and re-install the type B single ended power and double ended power LED tube lights.

In the above, we have offered an introduction of the Lepro T8 4ft LED tube lights (type B), currently the most suitable replacement for traditional fluorescent lights, and their corresponding installation method. In general, when using LED tube lights to replace fluorescent lights, you must first confirm the selected model. If you choose type A tube lights, you should pay attention to the ballast adaptation; if you choose type B LED tube lights, your action depends on whether you choose single ended power or double ended power. At the same time, you must ask a professional electrician to carry out any electrical transformation to ensure a safe installation.

Furthermore, if you wish to know how many LED tube lights you should install in a garage or other settings, it is recommended that you download the IES file of the product details and use a professional lighting design software such as DIALux, AGI32 to calculate it.

If you need more detailed product-related information, click to view the Lepro T8 4ft LED tube lights and find out more.

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