8 LED Street Lights That Offer Outstanding Illumination Even In Harsh Weather

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More and more cities have taken to install LED street lights, intending to boost security with stunning finishes to light up the night sky. However, some manufacturers fail to produce the lighting they claim their products generate. That’s why you must be mindful of each LED street light manufacturer and make sure you get the best quality for your money. 

There are two key things to look for from an LED street light :

  • Energy-efficiency
  • Strong, durable encasing

If you’re still unsure of what LED streets lights to consider, here are five of the best products on the market to choose from.

Best LED Street Lights for Outdoor Ambient Lighting

  1. Lepro 100W LED Parking Lot Light, Dusk to Dawn Shoebox Light
  2. LEDMO 200W LED Street Parking Lot Lights
  3. LEONITE LED Barn Light, Daylight 5000K-75W
  4. BBOUNDER 70W Dusk to Dawn LED Barn Lights
  5. STATSUN LED Security Street Lights with Built-In Cree LED Chips
  6. Gebosun LED Outdoor Street Floodlight
  7. ENGREPO 80 Watts Solar Street Lights Outdoor
  8. Lovus 100W Solar Street Lights

Lepro 100W LED Parking Lot Light, Dusk to Dawn Shoebox Light 

If you want the best LED lighting output for your neighborhood, then consider the fact that the Lepro 100W LED parking lot outdoor light offers 13,000 lumens of 5000K bright high-powered white light. Similar to what you’d see with a 300W metal halide lamp, these lights use energy-efficient LED chips that will save you up to 67% in costs. 

It’s designed with the dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor, which can automatically recognize the variations of light strength and turn on and off the light. If you’re looking for a bright light without considerable cost, this is the one to consider. 

The manufacturer has designed the LED light to ensure the following:

  • UL safety standards compliance
  • DLC rebate qualification certificate
  • IP65 waterproofing
  • Five-year warranty
  • 50k hours of life 

Besides the 100W lights, Lepro has come up with a high-wattage LED light that can be installed at larger commercial venues such as stadiums, roads, sidewalks, parking lots, etc. 

LEDMO 200W LED Street Parking Lot Lights 

While many LED street lights don’t make the grade for lighting efficiency, the LEDMO 200W LED Street Parking Lot Lights is not one of them. The manufacturer has made sure it stands out with its dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor, allowing it to detect when the light should turn on or off. Due to its hollowed-out heat sink design, it’s lighter to hold (less than 15 pounds), and the heat is better dissipated. Since its 200W, it offers 26,000 lumens. It’s a high-quality, environmentally-friendly lamp, producing no UV or IR radiation. 

This LED light is waterproof and can be adjusted in any direction. 

The manufacturer provides a five-year warranty should any unforeseen problems come up, helping to extend its lifespan. 

LEONITE LED Barn Light, Daylight 5000K-75W

The LEONITE barn light’s brightness and glow are similar to a 60W incandescent lamp. The manufacturer designed its casing to better withstand corrosion, with an IP65 waterproof rating and dissipates heat better while ensuring the lamp operates efficiently and effectively. It’s got a lifespan of 50,000 hours and is both DLC and ETL listed. 

The manufacturer announced buyers should install the barn lamp at a height between 19 and 27 feet high, so its coverage will range from about 50 to 90-feet in diameter. 

BBOUNDER 70W Dusk to Dawn LED Barn Lights 

The BBOUNDER Barn Light proves it’s a top contender when it comes to LED lighting. The manufacturer uses IP67-rated water and dust-proof casing that ensures it’ll work even when it’s raining heavily. It’s got a side-mounted photocell away from the mounting bracket and is affixed. If you plan to face the light north, this could be problematic. 

It’s DLC and ETL compliant and can last up to 50,000 hours. It also gives off 9800lm. 

There is one complaint people have with this light. There is no arms or brackets that allows a person to mount the light on a pole. For pole mounting, you’ll need to purchase both an arm and bracket. 

STASUN LED Security Street Lights with Built-In Cree LED Chips 

The STASUN LED street light is one a kind in that the manufacturer has included a shadow-free, anti-glare feature with highly-efficient lighting that helps users reduce their electricity bills. The manufacturer has installed Cree LED Chips with 30CREE LEDs capable of generating about 13,500lm. Thanks to this product, a person can save nearly 88% of their electrical bill. 

The manufacturer realized that people look for products that will last them a long time. This is why it designed the LED lights with shock-resistant PC lens and used a strong die-cast aluminum. It’s not just to maintain its durability but also to help with heat expenditure. The lens is made of an impact-resistant polycarbonate that keeps water, dust and other debris out. 

This light has a dense aluminum plate that helps heat efficiently dissipate.

Gebosun LED Outdoor Street Floodlight 

What makes the Gebosun LED street light different from many other LED lights is its non-dependence on solar energy. It will turn on at dusk and shut off when the sun comes up. 

Its output is approximately 9200 lumens with an input of 100-277V AC. Simply put, it can save users a ton in energy costs. It’s an alternative to the HID 200-250W light. The light is bright enough to lighten typically dark areas such as yard, street, garage, pathway, etc. The manufacturer ensured that this high-quality product came with instructions and accessories for safe use. Other reasons to consider this product for your lighting needs:

  • Aluminum-designed shade
  • Comprises of die-cast aluminum 
  • Moveable light direction
  • Shock and vibration-resistant features

Along with an FCC and UL rating, Gebosun provides a five-year warranty. 

ENGREPO 80 Watts Solar Street Lights Outdoor 

The lamp casing of the ENGREPO Solar Street Lights comprises of very robust die-cast aluminum, with an IP67 waterproof rating to ensure it can stand up to any kind of weather. The manufacturer also saw fit to install a photoelectric sensor. The light turns on automatically when it can no longer sense light and turns off when it senses light returning.  

What makes this LED light unique is that it can be operated via remote from more than 30 feet away from it. Avoid using the on/off switch to keep the lights on longer, as this action causes faster damage to the batteries. By doing so, it can last over 2,000 cycles. 

Lovus 100W Solar Street Lights 

There are two ways to operate the Lovus 100W Solar Street Lights – either by remote, forcing the switch, adjusting the brightness and timing or allowing it to automatically detect the light or darkness. 

Its large solar panels and high-powered LED energy-saving chip provides enough light for up to 12 hours. The solar lights are not dependent on the solar panel. 

There is one thing to be mindful of. Unlike other LED street lights, this one is made from plastic, making heat dissipation problematic. On the upside, it has an IP65 rain-resistant rating. 

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