Outdoor Lighting Solutions: What is the Best Parking Lot Lighting?

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Different Types of Parking Lot Lights

There are different light sources for Street and parking lights. These generally include HID (high-intensity discharge) and LED. Historically, High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps are the most popular lamps used to illuminate parking lots, but LED lamps have become very popular recently because they are more efficient and durable.

The three main issues surrounding the traditional HID parking lot light are High energy costs, daily preventive costs, and poor light quality that make the light system less effective. These issues should be the motivation for the contractor to consider switching to LED parking lot lights.

While there are vast differences in the types of parking lot layouts, almost all parking lot lights are mounted on tall poles. From this vantage point, the light is easier to usually pool usually both throughout the area. These are some of the common types of commercial LED parking lot lights:

LED Shoebox Lights

When looking for a solution that would be powerful and reliable for outdoor lighting with a variety of application options, shoebox-style lights are the perfect satisfactory answer. The bright LED lights produce bright illumination to parking lots, streets, highways, and other important areas.

What is LED Shoebox Light?

Shoebox lights are typically mounted on the poles that are used to illuminate streets and parking lots. The name “shoebox” is a reference to the size and shape of the fixture.

Where are Shoebox Lights used?

Along with roadways and parking lots, walkway lights such as the below can be seen illuminating sidewalks, paths, parks, and outdoor areas. They are often mounted on poles or to the side of buildings. There are multiple mounting options: pole mount, yoke mount, and slip-fit.


What is LED Post Top Light?

Post Top Lights are fixtures that are mounted to poles for purposes of general lighting. Light fixtures come in shapes ideal for various purposes, including structural integrity, comfort, versatility, aesthetics, and safety. These particular lights contribute to security by ensuring that outdoor areas are always properly lit.

Where are LED Post Top Architectural Area Lights used?

LED post-top lights are used to light pathways, parking lots, building entryways, alleys, streets, tunnels and loading docks. Here are some examples of where LED post top lights are used:

  • Park Lot Lighting.
  • Transportation Pick Up Area Lighting.
  • Outdoor Theater Lighting.
  • Building Perimeter Lighting.
  • Zoo Lighting.
  • Apartment Building Lighting.

LED Cobra Head Lights

What is the LED Cobra Head Light?

Cobra head-led street lights are outdoor fixtures that are mounted to poles and are mainly used for street and roadway lighting but can be used for other general area lightings. When choosing a lighting option, be sure to keep budget constraints in mind and check out how much it will save you on utility bills. Considering that different types of lights last longer and use less power, one of the best choices will be cobra head led streetlights.

Where are LED Cobra Head Lights used?

Cobra head LED lights are used in both commercial and residential settings. They are designed to illuminate streets, roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, alleys, and tunnels.

LED Flood Lights

What is the LED Flood Light?

Flood lights are also known as spotlights, which focuses the light it emits to a specific area. They come in many shapes, especially depending on their intended use.

Where are LED Flood Lights used?

Floodlights are commonly mounted directly on or around buildings, but let’s not forget flood lights are equally useful in parking lots. You can affix them to poles, use them to illuminate something you want to highlight or position them in landscaped areas where they’ll be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They are commonly used to increase safety and in applications where a great deal of light output is needed, such as car lots or streets.

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