How to Buy Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor

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Why does my security light keep flashing?

If your security light keeps flashing, it may be due to several reasons: 1. Faulty LED light; 2. Bad connection between the LED light and the lamp; 3. Problem with the circuit. In this situation, you can first replace the LED light or lamp. If that does not work, it is recommended to seek a professional electrician to check and fix it.

How long do motion sensor lights stay on?

As the name “motion sensor” suggests, it is a device that can detect the movement of people or objects. The solar security light with a motion sensor will light up when it detects a person’s movement and turn off when the surrounding environment is stationary to save electricity. The more common motion sensor light generally stays on for 30 seconds when it detects movement. This applies to the 3 different models of Lepro solar security light with motion sensor. When the sensor detects a new movement, the duration will be extended automatically.

Why is my security light staying on?

Some LED security lights with motion sensors can be configured to maintain illumination. If it is not configured to do so, it may have problems such as deterioration with use, storm damage, power surge, improper installation, etc. It is recommended to replace the lamp or seek a professional electrician to check it.

Can I adjust the security light sensor?

Yes. However, in reality, not all motion sensors can be adjusted.  If you need to adjust the motion sensor’s sensing range and illumination time, please confirm this before purchasing. 

Why does my LED security light not light up properly?

First, please ensure that the switch is switched on after the lamp is installed. Secondly, it may be due to depleted batteries. If you purchased a solar security light, it will need to absorb solar energy under direct sunlight for 6 to 8 hours before use to ensure it works properly at night.

How to Buy the Best Solar Powered Motion Security Light

Some relevant questions regarding the outdoor solar motion security light have been answered above, then how should we choose an appropriate solar motion security light?

Motion sensor sensing range

Whether a motion sensor can fulfill your needs mainly depends on the sensing range and angle. Generally speaking, it needs to be able to detect motion as far as possible and in as many directions as possible. The motion sensor of Lepro solar flood light has a sensing range of 16-26ft and a sensing angle of 120°. You can choose the installation height of the lamp based on the sensing height.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity represents the number of times the LED security light can illuminate during the night after it is fully charged under adequate sunlight during the day. The battery capacity of each lamp is different so you can choose one based on your requirements. For example, the Lepro motion sensor security light with 3 adjustable head 70 LEDs 270° wide angle can sense more than 100 times, each time illuminating for approximately 30 seconds while the Lepro LED security light with 132 LEDs 270° wide angle can sense more than 200 times. If you require more illumination frequency at night, you may choose the latter.


When choosing an appropriate LED solar security light, the brightness and angle of the light are very important. You can check the lumen of the light, the number of LED lights, the illumination angle, and whether the angle can be adjusted.


As a security light for outdoor use, it will often encounter rain and snow, so the waterproof function is essential. IP64 water resistance or IP65 waterproofing will ensure that the outdoor security light can work normally in bad weather.

The above introduces some points that need to be paid attention to before purchasing a solar security light. Here, the Lepro solar motion sensor security lights are recommended. There are three different models. You can check and find out more to choose the most suitable one.

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