LED Shop Light VS Fluorescent Shop Light

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Should I replace fluorescent shop lights with LED?

With the development of LED technology, LED lights have become more and more commonly found in working and living environments. If you are asking whether you should replace traditional fluorescent lights with LED lights, my answer is certainly yes.

First of all, LED lights are more energy-saving and power-saving. For example, the Lepro 40W LED shop light is equivalent to a 100W fluorescent shop light, which saves 60% of electricity bills.

Secondly, compared to fluorescent shop lights, LED shop lights have lower long-term usage costs. Although the purchase cost of LED shop lights is higher, it has a service life of up to 50,000 hours, is more durable than fragile fluorescent shop lights, does not require frequent replacement and installation, and is highly cost-effective.

In addition, fluorescent shop lights tend to emit the buzzing sounds of electric current or flickering light after long-term use, while LED shop lights will not give off such signs that are unkind or unsafe to the eyes.

As fluorescent shop lights contain mercury, which is harmful to human health and pollutes the environment, it is necessary to pay special attention when recycling them. On the other hand, LED shop lights are green and environmentally friendly, and do not cause any pollution.

Therefore, many people have now replaced traditional fluorescent shop lights with LED lights. Here, we recommend two solutions. One is to replace fluorescent shop lights with brand new LED shop lights, and the other is to buy LED tube lights, replace the fluorescent tubes, and re-wire the lights.

Best LED Fluorescent Shop Light Replacement

If you choose to replace fluorescent lights with LED shop lights, here we recommend the Lepro 42W 4 Foot LED Shop Light. The output brightness is 4200 lm, which is equivalent to 100 lm/W. It is suitable for lighting places such as garages, basements, workshops, supermarkets, and warehouses. If necessary, up to eight lights can be connected in series. The light comes with a five-year warranty and has passed ETL certification, so it is safe to use. In addition, there are opportunities to receive government energy subsidies to save on purchase costs.

convert fluorescent shop light to led

How to Convert Fluorescent Shop Light to LED?

If you bought LED tube lights to replace fluorescent shop lights with, you must first confirm the tube light model purchased, such as Lepro Double Ended Power Type B T8 4ft LED Tube Light. You will need to remove the ballast and re-wire to use.

how to convert fluorescent shop light to led

If you bought Type A LED tube lights, this is a plug and play light, and does not need to be re-wired, but it will be more expensive in terms of cost. At the same time, you will need to consider the problem of ballast adaptation.

Watch the video below to learn the detailed steps of installing LED tube lights.

We have introduced two solutions for replacing traditional fluorescent shop lights in the above. You can choose to use LED shop lights or LED tube lights according to your needs.

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