3 Corridor Lights That Are Sure To Brighten Any Home 

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Corridor lighting can be a real challenge – a narrow walkway and no natural light. The wrong light installed in a hallway doesn’t do much to help it either. However, the right one ensures a brighter, more inviting and bigger area while also adding to its safety. For the right light in your hallway, it’s best to consider various eco-friendly, money-saving LED light sources. 

A Look At What Elements A Corridor Light Should Have

First, before you purchase any corridor light, you need to know what elements they should consist of:

  • Properly lightens up the hallway – long corridors are best with evenly installed, small recessed lights to ensure the whole area is lit up, while square hallways should have one ceiling light based on your personal style. 
  • Install more lighting close to coat hooks.
  • Use accented lighting to brighten hallways enough to maneuver through the home or let you know when a person enters the home. For example, you can install LED strips along the baseboards or go with an individual downlight. 
  • Use motion-detected lights to save yourself on energy costs. The light only comes on when a person enters the hallway and will turn off after a few minutes. 
  • For hallways without sockets, battery-powered lights are an acceptable option. You can also use these types of lights to accentuate a cabinet. 

What Kind of Lighting Fixture Should You Choose For Your Hallway?

The shape of your hallway will give you a good idea of what kind of lighting you should have:

  • Long and narrow – Flush ceiling lights, LED strips and Track lights
  • Square – Flush ceiling lights, LED strips and Table lamps on side tables
  • High ceilings – LED strips, Pendant lamps, Table lamps on side tables and Track lights 
  • No daylight – Flush ceiling lights, LED lights, Pendant lamps, Table lamps on side tables and Track lights

3 Noteworthy Hallway Lights That Can Brighten The Area

Lepro 16W LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light  

When you need a small area brightened, the Lepro 15W LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light is worth consideration. It’s got a simple design, and it can fit within any modern space. One of the best aspects of the Lepro design is the 1200lumens it produces, easily making it an alternative to 120W incandescent and saving you a good chunk of change on your electric bill. 

LE Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture Waterproof LED Ceiling Light for Bathroom Porch, 9 inch 15W 5000K Daylight 1250lm 100W Equivalent Ceiling Lamp for Kitchen, Laundry, Bedroom, Hallway, Non Dimmable
Lepro 15W Waterproof LED Ceiling Light

The manufacturer designed the light so that it was robust and strong, shock and vibration proof, to keep it from getting damaged. No lead or mercury was used in the development, and it won’t produce any IR or UV radiation or other dangerous emissions. And with an ELT-listing, it comes with a three-year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Lepro made sure that the light would cause no “glaring” issues with the eyes. Although it’s just 16W, the hallway will have no dark spots. Or, you can install them on a workbench or inside or on kitchen cabinets. 

Best of all, there are no seemingly noticeable noises coming from the light.

LEONLITE LED Track Head Lighting 

If you’re looking for a light that offers plenty of output and can lighten up many spaces, then the LEONLITE LED Track Head Lighting is one to consider. It’s one of the market’s best solutions for lights for many people. The drawback is that it only has four lights and some people may not like that idea. 

Every bulb has an 8.5 power rating, which means there is a lot of light coming from it. Plus, the manufacturer offers a five-year warranty on the neon light product. 

LEONLITE Dimmable LED Track Lighting Heads, Compatible with Single Circuit H Track Light Rail, 550lm, 8.5W(50W Eqv.), CRI90, 120V, ETL & ES Listed, 4000K Cool White, 5 Years Warranty, Pack of 4, Black

Anthropologie Eloise Pendant 

Want to add a little more class to your home’s interior? Then the Eloise Pendant light set is an option worth looking into. It comes with two metal dome lights with a gold interior and matte black exterior on the more affordable side. 

Since the lights are made of metal, they are incredibly durable and give off an industrial look. But, it’s their two-toned palette that increases their warmth. Their simplicity means they can go with various interior décor and are sure to highlight an area when combined with another black décor. 

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