5 LED Garden Lights You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

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If you have a garden, installing a light can help brighten the space and keep accidents from occurring because one can see where they are going “in the dark.” Plus, garden torches installed with sensors and programs can send you a warning if an authorized person (or animal) is on the property. 

When you’re out shopping for garden lights, you’ll notice the various designs available. However, they all serve the same purpose – to improve a garden’s beauty at night. The majority of garden lamp manufacturers offer a customization option where you can add colors and change them as you see fit. How can you choose which brand is best for you and your garden with so many choices available? 

If you want to spruce up your garden, consider any one of the five listed below:

Lepro 80W LED Wall Pack Light (Security Lighting)

When it comes to security (safety) lighting, you want the best product to give you the brightest illumination and will light up a large swath of area. Lepro’s 80W LED Wall Pack Light can deter property-destroying animals and potential burglars from doing you and your property harm.

Its power derives from the standard 120-volt current, with easy installation over garages or home eaves, so the light illuminates walkways or the backyard. Although it’s just 80 watts, it’s the equivalent of a 400W MH or 160W HID light fixture and has a 10,000 lumens maximum output with 5000K cool radiant light. The manufacturer recommended installation height is between 12 feet and 17 feet. 

When you want the best outdoor security light for your property, this is one of the best on the market.

GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Light (Path Lighting)

Path lighting can help you safely get from your vehicle to home or from your home to the background while also bringing out the beauty of your walkway. With the GIGALUMI garden lighting system, you get 12 lights that can brighten up a large area of land. On top of that, these lights are powered by the sun, which saves you money on electricity. It takes six hours of sun for the LED bulbs to maintain a maximum charge and work for more than eight hours. 

These lights also have an IP44 waterproof certification, which means they can hold up against snow and severe rainstorms/storms. 

Since they are entirely wireless, you can easily install them along your pathway. 

Lepro Solar LED String Light Bulb (String Lighting)

When you have a large backyard or garden, you need something more than a landscape lighting system and path lights. However, with the Lepro Outdoor Solar LED String Light Bulb, you can easily cover more ground without taking up a lot of space, thanks to its 25 feet of lighting. The solar panel has a built-in light sensor, controlling when the light comes on when it senses the dark is near.

Lepro designed these lights to handle all kinds of weather, meaning they are quite durable and can last for some time. They have an IP65 waterproof, which means they can withstand snow and rain without any damage. 

SMY Recessed LED Deck Lights (Deck Lighting)

When you got a deck, you could install a floodlight to illuminate the area. However, add more charm to it with the SMY recessed LED Deck Lights. These lights can be installed on the deck, allowing you to walk on them without ever feeling them. You can also install them around the deck perimeter, deck stair railings and individual steps of stairs. 

The manufacturer designed the lights so they are more than two inches in diameter and 3/4 –inch step, ensuring they can handle constant foot traffic and weather and still maintain the glow your area needs. 

Globe Electric 44094 Turner Wall Sconce

Wall sconces have an open-bottomed design, meaning their underneath is not covered. They are ideal for high-up places where you want the lighting to shine over a certain area. Semi-flush mount sconces are great for exterior walls with little space left, as the light is affixed to a thin arm attached to a plate. A complete flush mount sconce means the entire fixture is attached to the wall. 

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