5 Popular Lighting Options for Gyms and Fitness Studios

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Every fitness center or gym needs to have the proper lighting for workout enthusiasts to train safely and see progress being made. However, when it comes to gym lighting and studio lighting, there is some difference. 

Gyms need a reliable, bright light source that simulates daylight, but 24-hour gyms need lights that run continuously. This is not necessary for fitness studios, which are only open for specific periods of time. Still, no matter what the light source, though, it needs to be simple enough that any employee or trainer can use it. 

5 Best Lighting Fixtures for Fitness Studios or Gyms 

Lepro UFO LED High Bay Lights

Most people recognize hanging lights – they’ve been available for years. And they simultaneously give off both a modern and classic look. Lepro’s UFO LED High Bay Lights is circularly designed so every area around it will get light. Use the chain to mount it and put it on the ceiling. 

Lepro has developed lights in various wattages – 100W, 150W, 240W – giving you a choice in how much light you want or need. Another great feature is the wide and vented top that keeps heat from accumulating and wearing the bulb faster. A unique feature of this bulb is where you can mount it – floor, wall or ceiling. If you want to drill holes and mount the lights, you can do that. Use the adjustable mounting brace to ensure you always get the angle you want. 

Falive Lighting Tri Bright Gym Light 

With the Falive Lighting Tri Bright Gym Light, you get a 20-feet diameter of bright light. It has three sections that include a recently-updated assortment of the latest lighting technology that keeps glares down to a minimum and offers the best lighting possible. Each section comes with lightweight, durable aluminum hinges. The manufacturer has also ensured the internal wiring is secure. 

Unlike other lights, the Falive Lighting Tri Bright Gym Light is equipped with heat-resistant technology, meaning the lights won’t get too hot. This increases the light’s lifespan and saves the filament. 

When it comes to fitness studio or gym light, there isn’t many out there that can compare. 

QiMH LED Lights 

If you want simplicity, choose the QiMH LED lights. Similar to other available light choices, you just screw these bulbs into a bulb socket for them to work. There are four independent light sections to provide you with as much or little light as you want. For them to work, you just need to push and pull the blade. Install as many lights as you want, as the dimensions for them are 9.86 inches x 9.86 inches x 4.72 inches.

According to the company, the bulb will last at least 50,000 operating hours, surpassing what traditional lightbulbs can do. For 24-hour gyms, it’s a no-brainer. On top of that, you see financial savings of 88%.

These lights will brighten 360 degrees around them, meaning you’ll have at least 6,000K of area light, and you don’t need a lot of dome lights that create spaces of darkness.

WYZM LED Canopy Lights

If you’re looking for lights you don’t have to adjust or maintain, look at WYZM LED Canopy Lights for your studio or gym. They can be quickly installed, connecting to a 120V or 220V. Every bulb has a bracket to keep moisture from getting inside. Each fixture has four mounting brackets, so you can install them wherever you want. 

These bulbs are also great for energy conservation, with the 70W bulbs emitting the same amount of light as the 300W non-LED bulbs. They last longer and will cost less in the long run. 

LED Canopy Lights by WYZM

Yiizon LED Gym Light 

The great thing about Yiizon LED Gym Lights, they can be used for any application. You can control how much light each section gets, raising and lowering them to narrow or widen the area. You can also collapse them, so the light doesn’t bother everyone. 

You also save a lot of money on your electric bill because they are LED lights. If you own a gym, these lights will benefit you and your clients. They are also easy to install. Just screw them into an E26 lightbulb socket in the ceiling (no tools are necessary). The lights have a 4,000-lumen output that generates 6,500K daylight white, which helps with mood enhancement. When you have fitness lovers happy in the gym, they’ll want to come back repeatedly. 

Yiizon LED Gym Light

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