How Do Lepro LED High Bay Lights Save $Hundreds on Maintenance Costs

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Are you spending hundreds of dollars on replacing the lights installed at your place of business? The number one issue faced by all industrial and commercial businesses/concerns, in addition to the high prices of light fixtures, is the much higher and exorbitant costs involved in installing and maintaining them. 

But not to worry, here’s presenting before you the Lepro LED High Bay Lights. Our lights come coupled with a 5-year warranty. Under 77°F (25°C) when worked for 8 hours a day, the light’s life expectancy is approximately 27.4 years. Our lights are backed by the UL and DLC certifications, ensuring high quality and performance.

But is that really enough to reduce the maintenance costs? The answer is No. Let’s now get into the specifics of how the lights are structured. 

How to Lower Maintenance Costs with Lepro LED High Bay Lights?

1. Lumileds 2835 LED Chips

The Lumileds 2835 LED chip, backed by intellectual property protection, is the superior Lepro UFO lighting solution. Thanks to its 70% derating usage of LED modules and its excellent heat dissipation from up to 40 radiating fins, the Lepro LED UFO High Bay Light can achieve up to 145 lumens per watt. This means that a traditional 1,000 watt metal-halide UFO light can be replaced with Lepro’s 240 watt UFO High Bay Light, saving energy costs up to 70%.

high bay lights LED driver

As you can see in the table and chart below, calculated by the TM21 report, the lifetime of the L80B50 LED module can reach up to 40.4 years when working 8 hours per day at temperatures of 77 °F. That’s a long time of not worrying about replacements!

2. Premium Grade LED Drivers

In addition to Lepro’s UFO fixtures themselves, the drivers in our UFO fixtures are also UL and FCC certified. This means you, our customers, receive high-quality, reliable, and satisfying premium-grade products.

Key components, such as the E-cap used in Lepro’s drivers, are also high quality. We have chosen the premium-grade E-cap brand Aisha as our supplier to ensure superior performance even under high temperatures and the longest lifetime possible. 

Lepro’s LED UFO High Bay Lights come with a 5-year warranty even when using Lepro’s strict standards. As shown in the following chart, the lifetime of our drivers can reach an impressive 27.4 years when working 8 hours per day in temperatures of 77 °F.

LED driver lifetime

3. Durable Housing

Aluminum die-cast housing is used in all of Lepro’s LED UFO High Bay Lights to ensure maximum durability and excellent heat dissipation.

The streamlined design of Lepro’s LED UFO High Bay Lights also helps lower the air resistance to reduce the internal temperature. The 40 radiating fins improve heat dissipation as well.

high bay heat dissipation

4. Reliability Test:

Thermal Shock Test

To test the impact of intense temperatures on the Lepro LED UFO High Bay Lights over time, our fixtures are subject to a chamber heated to 176 °F for 1 hour, followed by a chamber chilled to -22 °F for another hour. After 500 cycles, our product survives and continues to work well, passing the test with flying colors.

thermal Shock Test

Temperature-Humidity Bias Test

The temperature-humidity bias test conducted on the Lepro UFO High Bay Light helps to evaluate their performance under both high temperatures and high humidity. In this test, our fixtures are subject to a chamber of 122°F and 93% relative humidity for 500 hours. After this test, our products continue to work well.

Temperature-Humidity Bias Test

100% Aging Test

And each batch of Lepro LED UFO High Bay Light must pass a mandatory 4-hour aging test with a variable voltage ranging from 90 to 305 volts before being shipped out.

Additionally, with UL, FCC, and DLC 5.1 certified, we are proud to announce that the Lepro LED UFO High Bay Lights offer an outstanding 5-year warranty even under ambient temperatures of 104 °F. The expected lifetime of these lights can even go up to 27.4 years when working 8 hours per day in conditions of 77 °F.

Aging Test

Now check here to try out the Lepro LED UFO High Bay Lights. Our professional support team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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