How Do Lepro LED High Bay Lights Save $Hundreds on Maintenance Costs

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Are you spending hundreds of dollars on replacing the lights installed at your place of business? The number one issue faced by all industrial and commercial businesses/concerns, in addition to the high prices of light fixtures, is the much higher and exorbitant costs involved in installing and maintaining them. 

But not to worry, here’s presenting before you the Lepro LED High Bay Lights. Our lights come coupled with a 5-year warranty. Under 77°F (25°C) when worked for 8 hours a day, the light’s life expectancy is approximately 27.4 years. Our lights are backed by the UL and DLC certifications, ensuring high quality and performance.

But is that really enough to reduce the maintenance costs? The answer is No. Let’s now get into the specifics of how the lights are structured. 

How to Lower Maintenance Costs with Lepro LED High Bay Lights?

1. Durable Housing

First, let’s talk about the durable housing of the product. We employ industrial-grade aluminum alloy to strengthen the casing of the fixtures. Streamlined lamp body design can reduce air resistance. Furnished with 44 radiating blades, they help conduct heat and cool the light down. The efficient heat-dissipation, effectively drawn horizontally and vertically, prolongs their life, and its temperature is much lower than other light fixtures.

durable housing of LED high bay lights

2. Premium Grade LED Drivers

Now regarding the premium grade LED drivers. We use UL-listed high-quality drivers, thereby offering customers an A-grade product. We never compromise on quality and specifically order our E-caps from the renowned manufacturer, AiSHi, helping enhance their performance, and tested working life expectancy. As mentioned earlier, our products come with a 5-year warranty. Under 77°F (25°C) when worked for 8 hours a day, the driver’s life expectancy is approximately 27.4 years.

LED high bay lights driver lifetime comparison

3. LED

We work with Lumileds, the world-class manufacturer of LEDs, and offer as high as 4 KV anti-surge protection. With the reasonable LED array arrangement and lower input current, the actual working current of Lepro’s high bay LED chip is only 82.3% of its rated working current. This ensures better light efficiency (up to 135 lm/W) and better heat dissipation.

led lifetime calculation

As shown in the following table, the calculation results based on LM-80 and TM-21 show that the expected LED lifetime of L80B50 is as high as 37.7 years under 77°F (25°C) when worked for 8 hours a day.

LED lifetime comparison


We vouch for the quality of our top-notch lights as they go through three strenuous screening stress tests.

Lepro conducts the high-temperature storage test to determine the effect time and elevated temperatures of 176°F (80°C) with 500H have on devices under long-term storage, without any electrical stresses applied. They are used to assess the long-term reliability of the light fixtures. 

high-temperature storage test of LED high bay lighting fixture

Similarly, we also perform the temperature-humidity bias test on our lights. We apply voltage at elevated temperatures and fluctuating relative humidity to see if the products trigger corrosion and to assess their behavior in severe environments. THB testing employs the stress conditions at 122°F(50°C) and 93% RH with 500 hours.

temperature-humidity bias test of LED high bay light

Additionally, all Lepro high bay lights must pass the 4-hour aging test 100% before being shipped out. We stand by the quality of our outstanding lights and ensure complete satisfaction by offering an impressive 5-year warranty. 

Now check here to try out the Lepro LED UFO High Bay Lights. Our professional support team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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