How Many Lumens Do You Need to Illuminate Parking Lots?

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Well-lit parking lots are highly essential, which will increase safety, avoid potential accidents and hazards, offer better visibility, and reduce eye strain in both drivers and foot traffic alike, allowing them to walk safely park, and drive through the lot. Furthermore, parking lot lights also reinforce safety and security, thereby reassuring the public to travel late at night. So, let’s take a look at how these exceptional lights are made.

Lighting Analysis of a Parking Lot

The chart below exhibits that the illuminance requirement of a parking lot is appropriately 50lx, and its uniformity ratio is around 0.6.

LocationReference heightIlluminance requirement(lx)Uo*
Parking lotGround500.6

      Uo means uniformity ratio of illuminance

Based on the information presented in the table above, if you plan on using the 150w parking lot light, we strongly advocate our customers to utilize 2 LED parking lot lights with 19500lm (150w) each, mounted 20-25 feet high above the ground. Likewise, the distance between the poles should range anywhere between 50 and 80 feet.

It is evident from the chart outlined below that we also offer different wattages ranging from 100w to 300w with various lumen outputs. However, if you want to learn more about the different types of lights we offer along with the ideal lighting solution that suits your parking lot, please get in touch with us via our website.

SKUWattageLuminous fluxLight distribution type

Lighting Requirements of Parking Lot Lights

Besides the basic illumination requirements of the parking lot lights, we also need to take into consideration the uniformity of illumination (Uo), color rendering (Ra), and the correlated color temperature (CCT) of the light source. Additionally, glare is also an important indicator used to measure the quality of the luminaire. High-quality venue lighting creates a relaxed and visual environment for drivers. The following chart explained hereunder shows the requirements.

Parking lot3000-5000k≥600.6≤25

How to choose lumen and wattage for a parking lot?

If you are looking at replacing your existing metal halide parking lot light, here is a list of our top recommendations.

LED parking lot lightMetal Halide Equivalent(W)
100w LED Parking lot lightUp to 300w
150w LED Parking lot light Up to 400w
200w LED Parking lot light Up to 500w
300w LED Parking lot light Up to 1000w

If you have a new project with no existing parking lot lights, please do not hesitate to contact Lepro with your layout design. Once we get all the necessary information, a list of our premium quality recommended LED fixtures and lighting solutions that meet your demands will immediately reach you for use in your parking lot! This is a basic service we offer all our customers to help them review how many poles and illuminants will be required along with a detailed cost estimate.

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