How to Buy LED High Bay Lights

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What are LED high bay lights?

Ever since Thomas Edison invented the electric light more than a century ago, the lighting industry has developed rapidly. In recent years, LED (Light Emitting Diode) has been more and more commonly used in various indoor and outdoor lighting scenarios for its energy-saving attribute, environmental protection, and long service life. High bay light, mainly in contrast to low bay light, is often used in large spaces and suspended at greater heights.

Taking the Lepro LED high bay lights as an example, in order to meet the lighting needs of various spaces for different levels of illuminance, Lepro offers LED high bay lights with multiple power options. The 100W UFO LED High Bay is suitable for suspending from a height of 12 feet to 18 feet, while the 220W Linear LED High Bay is suitable for suspending from a height of 18 feet to 28 feet.

Generally speaking, the height of lamp suspension directly affects the illuminance achieved by the light. If the lamp is installed at too great a height, it cannot meet the lighting needs; at the same time, if the installation height is too low, the entire space will give off a sense of claustrophobia due to too much brightness. Hence, in-home lighting, we can choose to use LED bulbs or LED ceiling lights of relatively low brightness, while LED high bay lights tend to be more frequently used in commercial and industrial lighting.

how to buy led high bay lights

How to Choose Which LED High Bay Lights to Buy?

Linear or UFO

LED high bay lights are mainly divided into linear high bay lights and UFO high bay lights. When buying LED high bay lights, the two can be compared to make a choice.

Appearance: The most obvious difference between UFO LED high bay lights and linear LED high bay lights is their appearance. The UFO LED high bay light, as its name suggests, is shaped like a round UFO, while the linear LED high bay light is rectangular.

Beam angle: Lepro UFO LED high bay lights have a beam angle of 120°, while linear LED high bay lights have a beam angle of 110°, which means that the light of the former will be more scattered, while the latter will be more suitable for installation in narrow aisles. In addition, the installation angle of the UFO LED high bay light can be adjusted to set the beam angle, while this cannot be done easily for the linear LED high bay light.

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Installation method: It can be seen from their appearance that the installation methods of the two kinds of LED high bay lights are very different. Put simply, the UFO high bay light can be hung using a suspension ring or affixed with U-shaped brackets, while the most common way to install a linear LED high bay light is to suspend it using two chains.

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We all know that people can only work and live in a comfortable environment when the lighting achieves the appropriate illuminance. The United States Department of Labor provides the standards for the minimum illuminance corresponding to different venues.

For example, in spaces such as indoor warehouses and corridors, the minimum illuminance requirement is 5 fc; that for general construction factories and shops is 10 fc; and that for spaces such as emergency rescue stations and medical rooms is 30 fc.

When purchasing LED high bay lights, it is recommended to go through the relevant documents of the lamp to see if it can meet the illuminance requirements.

Wattage and lumens

Lepro LED high bay lights offer different wattage options and have different numbers of lumens. Generally speaking, the efficiency of LEDs of different brands is not the same, and the brightness achieved by the same power is not necessarily the same, so it is necessary to pay attention to the number of lumens when buying lamps.

Mounting height

When the same LED high bay light is installed at different heights, the illuminance achieved is different. To choose the right lamp, you must first know the height of the ceiling and the approximate installation height of the LED high bay light purchased, so as to better calculate whether the illuminance generated by the chosen lamp after installation can meet your needs.

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The spacing actually depends on the area illuminated by the LED high bay lights, from which the number of lamps needed to illuminate the entire area may be calculated. Generally, this can be calculated with the help of professional lighting software such as DIALux and AGI32.

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