How to Buy the Best LED Bulbs – 8 Key Points for Consideration

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LED bulbs are essential for every family home and business building. They’re energy-saving and long-lasting. But how do you choose the right LED bulbs for your projects? Consider the following points:Brightness

(1) Color
(2) Bulb shape
(3) Base type
(4) Dimmable feature
(5) Smart features
(6) Safety certification
(7) Energy-saving certification

1. Brightness
The first point is brightness. The measurement for brightness is the lumen. If you want to know what a lumen is, please click the video link to get more information.

If you want to buy A-shape bulbs, please refer to the table.
4-5W LED bulb can replace a 40W incandescent bulb or 8-12W CFL bulb.
8-9W LED bulb can replace a 60W incandescent bulb or 13-15W CFL bulb.
11-12W LED bulb can replace a 75W incandescent bulb or 18-20W CFL bulb.
16-17W LED bulb can replace a 100W incandescent bulb or 23-25W CFL bulb.

Sometimes, LED bulbs with a more energy-efficient LED can save more energy. An LE 14W LED bulb comes with a 100+lm/w LED. It can replace a 100W incandescent bulb.

Lumens 450lm 800lm 1100lm 1600lm
Incandescent Bulb 40W 60W 75W 100W
CFL Bulb 8-12W 13-15W 18-20W 23-25W
LED Bulbs 4-5W 8-9W 11-12W 16-17W

If you want to buy reflector bulbs, please refer to the table.
2.5-3W LED bulb can replace a 35W halogen bulb.
4-5W LED bulb can replace a 50W halogen bulb.

Lumens 250l-300m 350-400lm
Incandescent Bulb 35W 50W
LED Bulbs Replacement 2.5-3W 4-5W

The second point is color. Usually, there are 4 color choices which are warm white, neutral white, daylight white, and RGB.

If your project is in a place to relax, such as a living room or bedroom, a warm white is a better choice.
If your project needs to emulate daylight but should not be as cool as daylight white, neutral white is the better choice. For example, in restaurants, shopping malls, and hotels.
If your project is in a place which requires attention and focus, such as an office, daylight white is a better choice.
If your project is in a place, like a bar, which requires mood lighting or party lighting, RGB is the better choice.
In most cases, you’re better off choosing warm white for your home.

3.Bulb Shape
The third point is the bulb shape. There are hundreds of bulb shapes. Their names are usually combined with the shape type and diameter.

The diameter of 1 inch = 8. So, A19 means an A style shape with a 19/8 inches diameter. R30 means the R style shape with a 30/8 inches diameter.

In the USA and Canada, you will find the following popular base types for LED bulbs:
(1) A Shape A19 and A21. A19 is the most popular bulb shape.
(2) G Shape. G19
(3) C Shape. C7 and C9
(4) R Shape. BR20 BR30 and BR40
(5) PAR Shape. PAR20 PAR30 and PAR38
(6) MR Shape. MR11 and MR16

4.Base Type
The fourth point is the base type. There are hundreds of base types.
In the USA and Canada, you will find the following popular base types for LED bulbs.
(1) Edison base. E12 E17 E26.
The number is the diameter of the Edison screw.
(2) Bi-pin base. GU5.3 GU10 GU24 G4 GY6.35 G9
The number is the pin center to the center distanceDimmable Feature
The fifth point is the

5.Dimmable feature.
If you plan to buy dimmable LED bulbs, make sure they are compatible with your dimmer. Otherwise, the bulbs may flicker.

6.Smart Features
The sixth point is smart features.
If you need voice control or APP control, smart LED bulbs are a good choice. However, they have much higher prices.

7.Safety Certification
The seventh point is safety certification. LED bulbs are electrical products, so safety is important. If you are in the USA, it’s better to buy LED bulbs with UL or ETL listed.
They are proof of safety and quality.

8.Energy Saving Certification
The last point is energy saving certification. If you buy LED bulbs with an energy star certification, you may get a rebate from your local utility provider. You can also save on your electricity bill. However, the price is higher.

After watching this video or read the blog, we hope you’re more of an expert on buying LED bulbs.

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