How to Buy the Best LED Strip Lights – 8 Key Points That Should be Considered

LED strip lights are a must-have product for home decor. When you do a research on what LED strips to buy, you may find it complicated. The article and video introduce how to buy the best LED strips for your project.

8 Key Points on Buying LED Strip Lights

1. Color
2. Brightness
3. Dimmable feature
4. Waterproof feature
5. Voice control
6. Musi sync
7. USB or Power adaptor
8. Safety Certification

1. Color

First, choose the color for your project. There are three common choices for this: daylight white, warm white, and RGB.
If your project is in a place that requires attention and focus, daylight white is the better choice. For example, in the kitchen.
If your project is in a place to relax, warm white would be the right color to go with. For example, in the living room or bedroom.
If your project is in a place that requires mood lighting or party lighting, you should go with RGB. For example, a bar.

2. Brightness

How about brightness? LED strip lights are usually used decoratively, so the brightness requirements are not high. Thus, this is not an important point for most people.
However, if you do need high brightness, please choose 5050 LED, not 3528 or 2835 LED.

3. Dimmable feature

If you have chosen either of the white colors, you need to make a choice as to whether you require a dimmer. The price of an LED strip with a dimmer is usually 10%+ higher.

4. Waterproof feature

Moving on: Do you need a waterproof feature? If your project is for outdoor use or in the bathroom, you will need this. The price is usually 20% higher.
Please note: power adapters are usually not waterproof.

5. Voice Control

If you want to save time and effort by turning your lights on/off, changing color, or changing brightness via voice control, then an LED strip with Smart features is a good choice. Usually, this works with your Alexa or Google Assistant.

6. Music Sync

Do you love parties or music? If yes, you’d better choose an LED strip with a music sync feature. This is a big hit for music lovers.

7. USB or Power Adapter

This detail is important depending on where the lights will be installed. If you want to use the LED strip as a TV backlight, for instance, choose one with a USB plug, not a power adapter.

8. Safety Certification

Finally, if you are in US or Canada, make sure the power adapter has UL or ETL certification for safety.

So, now we know how to choose the best LED strip lights for your project. The most important points are color, brightness, dimmer features, waterproofing, voice control features, music sync, power adapter requirement, and certifications.

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  2. I don’t know who I am supposed to speak to but I purchased some led light about 2 month and their are three spots where they are a total different color but in total they were a good purchase

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