How to Install Solar Security Light – Easy 3 Steps

Solar security lights are very popular, which can save energy and your effort to manually turn it on/off. Besides, it’s easy to install as follows:

3 Steps to Install LED Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor

Step 1. Turn the switch on

After the switch is turned to the “ON” position, the wall light only illuminates when the ambient light level is below 20 Lux and there is human movement detected.

turn on solar security light

Step 2. Choose a location exposed to direct sunlight

Recommended height: 6 – 8ft (1.8 – 2.5m). The number of uses depends on the amount of electricity stored during the daytime, which is affected by the intensity and duration of sunlight.

install led solar security light

If the light fails to light up after days of continuous rainy or cloudy weather, it is because the battery has been exhausted. The light will function normally again at night after a sunny day.

Step 3. Fix the light

Make a punch mark on the surface to be installed. punch a hole with the impact drill, put in the concrete anchors and then fix the lamp with screws.

how to install led solar security light

Tips: Temperature affects the sensitivity of the PIR sensor, causing the detection range to vary. The higher the temperature is, the shorter the detection range will be.

There are several models of solar flood lights with motion sensor, check the category to learn more.

Motion Sensor Security Lights

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