Best LED Strip Lights with Chasing Effect

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How do I make LED strip lights chase?

If you would like for your LED strip lights to have running effects, then you need to purchase RGB LED strip lights with IC chips. If you purchase ordinary RGB LED strip lights, you can adjust the strip lights to your desired static color, but they have the same color at every point in time. They cannot produce flowing-water or running-horse effects. However, every pixel in the RGB LED strip lights with IC chips can be changed within the whole system in terms of color, brightness, and the like, thereby generating abundant running effects, such as those of horses running, water flowing, and meteors trailing.  

Lepro MagicColor LED Strip Lights

Part 1. Top Ideas of LED Strip Lights with Running Effects

1. Living Room

Decorating living rooms with LED pixel strip lights is definitely the coolest idea. Especially when you want to host a party at home on birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s Day, or other holidays, turning on the RGBIC strip lights and bringing out the running lighting effects can make your party lively within minutes. All sides of the ceiling, the sofa, beneath the coffee table, and the like are all great choices for installing them.

LED Strip Lights with Chase Effects

2. Outdoor Balcony

If you are hosting an outdoor party on an open-air balcony or in a backyard, then LED pixel strip lights (some called them dreamcolor LED strip lights) are absolutely fitting. The running modes, the speeds, the light brightness, and the like, to which you adjust the lights as you please, help you to create the coolest party effects.

balcony led strip lights with chasing effects

If there is a pool around, then it is best to purchase waterproof RGB strip lights with IC chips so that even if water is splashed onto them, it will not affect the strip lights’ lighting effects, guaranteeing you a perfect party.

3. Bedroom

Wanna enjoy the feeling of raving by yourself in your bedroom? If so, then you have to choose the RGBIC strip lights that have running effects! Shut the door, turn on the strip lights, and then you can enjoy your own private, personal space by yourself! If you usually take dancing videos and put them on YouTube or Tik Tok, and there are multicolor strip light lighting effects in the background, then believe that your videos will be even more popular!

led strips with running effect

4. All Over the House

If you purchase the waterproof LED strip lights, you don’t have to worry about the weather circumstances. You can hang them all over your roof to decorate your house. Seen from afar, that will look like an extremely fetching landscape. When your friends hurry over to join the party, then they will already be able to feel the lively ambience from outside.

waterproof LED strip lights with chase effect

Part 2. Recommend Lepro MagicColor LED Strip Lights with Chasing Effect

If you are looking for LED strip lights that have chasing lighting effects, then you definitely cannot go without Lepro MagicColor LED Strip Lights, which can satisfy all of your demands.

led strip lights with chasing effect
  • Choose from two different lengths: 16.4ft and 32.8ft, so you can completely select different lengths based on your needs, and you do not have to worry about the strip lights being too long. If you needed to cut them, that would lead to wastefulness and damage.
  • IP65 waterproof, so you can install them as you wish outside or in the kitchen. The strip lights will not stop working just because water is splashed onto them. But you must make sure that the charging plug does not get soaked, so as to avoid causing a breakdown.
  • Features a music sync function, which means that the lights can twinkle to the rhythm of the music. It can be said that the multicolor lights that have the music sync function are a must-have magical device when throwing a party.
lepro magic color led strips with chasing effect
  • Lepro MagicColor LED Strip Lights can not only be set to 6 different lighting running modes. You can also choose to set them to a static color, as well as to adjust the lights’ brightness and the like, switching them completely according to your mood.
  • Installation is extremely convenient. You can directly tear off the 3M tape on the back of the lights and then stick the strip lights on the wall or on furniture. You can also affix them even more using the buttons in the packaging, so you do not have to worry about problems in which they come off.
lepro magic color led strip lights

The Lepro RGBIC LED light strips recommended above can be set to 6 different lighting running modes. If you need LED strip lights with running effects, then you definitely cannot go without them!

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