How to Choose the Best LED Tube Lights for Garage

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Traditional Fluorescent Light VS LED Tube Light for Garage

In the past, traditional fluorescent lights were often used as garage lightings. With the development of LED lights, people gradually started using LED tube lights to replace traditional fluorescent lights.

fluorescent vs led tube lights

Compared to fluorescent lights, LED tube light has several advantages:

High efficiency: The luminous efficiency of LED tube lights can reach more than 100 lm/W, equivalent to more than twice that of fluorescent lights. In addition, the power factor of LED lights can reach up to more than 0.9 with power efficiency as high as 90%. Compared to fluorescent lights, it can save more than half of the electricity.

Long lifespan: Taking the Lepro LED tube light as an example, the lifespan can reach up to 50,000 hours while the lifespan of a fluorescent light is usually only 5,000 hours. The difference between the two is nearly 10 times. If you are installing in a garage, you will not have to worry about changing it frequently if you use LED tube lights.

No pollution: Fluorescent lights contain mercury and mercury is a toxic substance that is very harmful to the human body. The LED tube light does not contain any toxic substances and is a completely environmentally friendly light source without pollution.

High color rendering index: The color rendering index of fluorescent lights is approximately 65 to 80 while that of LED tube lights can be higher than 80.

Safe to use: With the LED tube lights that have an external, isolated power supply, you will not come into contact with the high voltage of the mains electricity at both ends of the tube. There is only a safe direct current voltage of lower than 36V so there is no danger of electrocution.  

Of course, LED tube lights have disadvantages as well. Its price is about ten times that of traditional fluorescent lights. However, considering the abovementioned advantages, installing LED tube lights in the garage is definitely more cost-effective in the long run.

led tube lights for garage

Recommend the Best LED Tube Lights for Garage

Want to buy a LED tube light suitable for garage lighting? Then don’t miss the Lepro T8 LED Tube Light (Type B Ballast Bypass). There are currently 2 models which are the single-ended power tube light and the double-ended power tube light. The main difference is whether the power enters on one end or both ends. The appearance is the same but there is a slight difference during installation.

Lepro LED tube light for garage mainly has the following advantages:

UL/DLC certification: Safety certification is guaranteed. At the same time, there is a chance to receive DLC subsidies, saving a lot on budget.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly: Lepro 17W T8 LED tube light outputs 2200 lumens, reaching up to 129lm/w. Installed in a garage, it has high efficiency, saves on electricity bills, and does not lead to any pollution.

5-year warranty: Lepro 4ft LED Tube light provides a 5-year warranty period. If you have any questions, you can contact customer service at any time to enjoy after-sales services.

Easy to install: It is compatible with existing lamps; you just have to remove the ballast. 

If you want to find out more about how to convert fluorescent lights to LED lights or how to buy LED tube lights, you can check out the relevant articles to learn more.

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