How to Buy Outdoor LED Light Fixtures

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There are many types of outdoor lighting fixtures. Some are mainly used for lighting to ensure safety at night, while others are mainly used for night-time decoration, accentuating the scenery, or creating atmosphere. With the development of LED technology, LED lights are also becoming more and more commonly used in outdoor lighting fixtures. What are the characteristics of LED lights used outdoors, and how should we go about choosing which to use?

Without a doubt, the quality and service life of LED lights are very important. We do not usually replace the lights used outdoors frequently, so it is necessary to pay attention to whether the material of the light can be used in harsh outdoor environments and the length of its service life when choosing lights.

As the outdoor environment is subject to large fluctuations, and we often run into windy and rainy weather, it is necessary to check the protection grade when choosing LED lights to be used in outdoor environments without weather cover. A protection grade of IP65 and above can offer waterproof and dustproof capabilities.

In fact, a variety of LED lights can be used outdoors, but different lights have different characteristics, and it is necessary to be clear about the setting in which the light will be used. For example, a solar powered motion sensor light is suitable for use in a place with sufficient daylight, where it can absorb enough solar energy during the day to be converted into electrical energy to light up at night. If you need to maintain sufficient lighting at night, you can choose the dusk to dawn light, which will automatically turn off during the day and automatically light up at night. There are also light strips and light strings that can be used for outdoor decoration. Next, we will introduce several outdoor LED light fixtures, from which you can choose the right one according to your needs.

Recommend Outdoor Light Fixtures

1. Outdoor LED Flood Light

LED flood lights are generally used for lighting up places such as backyards, warehouse entrances, driveways, and fields. It has high output brightness, which can meet the lighting needs of large areas. The Lepro brand provides outdoor LED flood lights with power ranging from 15W to 150W, and the angle can be adjusted by 360 degrees in any direction. It is very convenient to use, whether hung on a wall, ceiling, or installed on the ground. In addition, the corresponding brightness and scope of illumination of lights of different power values will be different. You can check the detailed data below to choose a suitable model.

15W LED Flood Light30W LED Flood Light50W LED Flood Light100W LED Flood
Ideal forSmall patios, small placesBackyards, drivewaysPool areas, large landscapingParking/play area, commercial properties
Mounting Height8-10ft8-12ft10-15ft14-20ft
Coverage Area20ft diameter
315 sq.ft
30ft diameter
700 sq.ft
50ft diameter
2000 sq.ft
100ft+ diameter
6000 sq.ft+
Replaces75-120W Incandescent
30-60W MH
120-300W Incandescent
60-100W MH
300-500W Incandescent
100-200W MH
200-400W MH

In addition to daylight white, the RGB LED flood light is also available, and makes for a very good decorative lighting fixture.

2. Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

Motion sensor lights also come in different models, such as the LED flood light introduced above, and models with motion sensors, which will automatically light up upon detecting human movement.

In addition, there are also the solar LED security lights with motion sensor. When there is sufficient daylight, the solar panel generates a current and voltage beneath daylight to charge the battery. At night, it will automatically turn off after 30 seconds from the point of sensing human movement. As electrical energy is stored in the form of solar energy, it is very convenient to install and does not require wiring operations. It is often used for lighting areas such as garages, walkways, stairways, and backyards.

3. Outdoor Dusk to Dawn Light

Dusk to dawn light means that the light automatically turns on or off as the environment light changes. Taking Lepro 40W LED Wall Pack Light with Photocell as an example, when the illuminance is lower than 25 lux, it will automatically light up, and when the illuminance is higher than 100 lux, it will automatically turn off.

In addition, Lepro provides the option of the 75W Dusk to Dawn Outdoor LED Barn Light. Compared with the LED wall pack light, there are differences in model, material, and power value. Its sensitivity to the environment light is also different. It will automatically light up when the illuminance is lower than 50 lux, and automatically turn off when the illuminance is higher than 100 lux.

In addition to the outdoor LED lighting fixtures mentioned above, there are also some LED lights that can be used outdoors, mainly for decoration, such as outdoor LED light strips, LED rope lights, and outdoor light strings. These are very popular atmosphere creators during Christmas or home parties. When choosing LED lights for decorating the doorway or around the house, it is best to choose a waterproof type to prevent damage to the light strips from sudden rain and snow. Also, note that the power adapter is not waterproof, and should not be placed where it might get wet from rain.

Does the above contain the outdoor LED lights you need? To find out more about LED lighting fixtures, visit the Lepro homepage to see more.

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