How to Choose Parking Garage Lighting Solutions

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There are some stringent requirements for underground parking garage lighting, but they are often dismissed. It’s not just the harsh climate to consider but the extreme temperatures, humidity, and exhaust fumes. 

Choosing the right lighting technology that fits in with the underground parking garage architecture, such as pillars, ramps, niches, curves and low ceiling heights, is also imperative. You want the most advanced lighting system that allows for easy movement in these areas. 

LED luminaire underground lighting systems have been specifically designed for underground parking garages such as glare control, adaptable, innovative technology, beam characteristics and luminous flux package… all leading to a perfectly lit area without shadows or glares.

4 Reasons You Should Consider LED Lighting for Underground Garage 

If you’re wondering why you should consider LED luminaire underground lighting systems, be aware that you get a lot from them. What are some reasons to choose them for your underground parking garage?

  • Long-Lasting – LEDs generate a white light that doesn’t wear out over time, with a life expectancy between eight and 20 years. This reduces the cost of having to replace them every few years as well, which saves you money in the long run. 
  • Decreased Energy Costs – LED lights provide more than just great lighting; they help you to save money by using less energy. In a typical HID system, a 150w bulb comes to 185 watts, whereas a similar LED system consumes just 70 watts. HID lighting has a 15,000-hour lifespan, while LED lights have 60,000 life hours. 
  • Decreased Maintenance Costs – LED parking garage lights last longer, reducing the need to change bulbs out or hire someone to maintain the system. However, you do want to make sure they are safeguarded from the elements.
  • Better Security – LED lights help to improve visibility in garages and parking lots, which means people can see all the cars parked in their vicinity and don’t have to worry about shadows where criminals can hide in cover. 

One popular underground parking lighting system is the LED T8 Tube Light, which is more durable and brighter than fluorescent lights. They have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and are rarely replaced when taken well care of. They are designed for factories, warehouses, workshops, etc. 

What are the Aspects of Lepro LED Tube Light?

There are specific needs for underground parking garages, with the most critical being lighting. This lighting is not the same as the requirements for street or parking lights, as safety is more of a concern. More lights are often installed in this setting, but they must be the right kind of light for the environment. 

For example, the Lepro tube light offers many features that meet the necessary requirements, such as IP65 Waterproof, IK09 Protection and ENEC-certified flicker-free driver. It also comes with a five-year warranty and a 50,000-hour lifespan. 

Remember to Choose LED Exit Signs for Safety

Besides getting underground LED garage parking lights, you also want to consider getting LED exit signs that make it easy for people to spot the exit. These lights can be installed in several ways, such as on the ceiling. LED exit signs usually come with a battery, mounting equipment, and accessories. 

With the Lepro exit sign, it can be recharged up to 500 times and work for at least 45,000 minutes. If there is a power loss or outage, a fully-charged system will provide up to 90 minutes of emergency light. It’s designed for industrial, commercial, and residential industries. If used in a commercial setting, it’s ideal for office buildings and shopping malls. 

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