Why is Lepro LED Wall Pack Light Safe and Reliable?

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Wall pack lights are designed to be mounted outside building walls. Therefore, in addition to longer service life, safety and reliability are also very important.  Let’s have a look at how Lepro wall pack lights ensure safety and reliability.

Why is Lepro LED Wall Pack Light Reliable

With UL and DLC certification, you may use Lepro LED wall packs confidently and obtain a rebate easily.

Unlike traditional light sources, in which lumen output diminishes over time and frequently forms dark spots, Lepro LED wall pack lights can deliver consistent lumen output.  

In contrast to metal halide lights, Lepro wall packs only use 20% of the power and generate less heat for the same brightness, allowing us to maintain a higher operating temperature.

energy efficient walll pack light

Why is Lepro LED Wall Pack Light Safe and Convenient?

Thanks to the die-cast aluminum with an impact-resistant, tempered glass lens, and the commercial-grade powder-coated bronze finish, Lepro wall pack lights are qualified with an IK08 impact resistance rating. As we tested, our wall packs can withstand the impact of a 3.7 lb mass dropped from 11.81 inches. And the sealed gasket can prevent external contaminants from entering, which can better withstand the test of time.

IK08 LED wall pack

With the IP65 waterproof, Lepro wall pack lights are suitable for wet environments, including building exteriors, paths, warehouses, overnight security lighting, or walkways that require light at varying height levels.

Unlike the traditional lights that require an internal reflection structure, LEDs are fixed to emit light in one direction. To give you a better experience and greater stability, we use a beam angle of 110 degrees, which offers a better irradiation range and uniformity, and greatly reduces the waste of light. Besides, Lepro wall pack lights are instant-on even below -4°F (-20 °C), with full brightness and no warm-up period.

With the built-in “Dusk to Dawn” photocell sensor, Lepro wall pack lights can achieve power on/off automatically according to natural light. After simple installation, you can enjoy the light anytime.

Dusk to Dawn wall pack light
Dusk to Dawn Sensor

Lepro LED Wall Pack Light Reliability Test

To further test the safety and reliability, we also conducted the following tests:

  •  In the salt spray experiment, Lepro wall pack lights have proven to withstand 168 hours of aging and corrosion and still functioned normally.
  • In the surge immunity test, unlike other lights that use the standard 1 kV output voltage for testing, Lepro LED wall pack lights easily passed the 6kV test for both L-N and L/N-PE wiring
  • In the switch impact test of 5 seconds on and 5 seconds off, Lepro wall pack lights can still function normally after cycling 25,000 times.
Surge Immunity Test
Surge Immunity Test

All of these make Lepro a safe and reliable choice. You are welcome to click to pick out the LED wall pack lights that best suits your needs.

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