3 Benefits of Using LED Lights in a Retail Business

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Lights are a crucial aspect of any industrial, factory, or retail business. For factories and industrial businesses, the proper lighting means your employees stay safe while on the job. In retail stores, the right lighting will help reduce energy costs, increase sales and improve task lighting.

3 Reasons to Install LED Lights in Retail Stores

Energy Savings

The most efficient light bulb on the market is the LED light bulb. The bigger a store is, the more energy savings it can get. However, the store owner must ensure that the right LED light bulbs are installed, or any potential energy savings are negated. Why are LED light bulbs so energy-efficient? Just 5% of the energy produced is heat-wasted; the remaining 95% is changed into usable light.

Halogen lights have only a 30% efficiency; 70% of the energy is wasted in the form of heat.

On top of that, LED lights have a 10 times longer lifespan than halogen lights, which is why they are considered a worthwhile investment.

Better Customer Shopping Experience

Besides the cost savings, retail business owners can see they can also experience an uptick in customer sales. LED lights, whether it is LED shop lights or LED lighting panels, allow you to choose the light’s color temperature. For instance, Cool White and Daylight are ideal options for retail stores. Studies show that these lights’ brightness can awaken people, improve their mood and make them stay longer. Without that sense of urgency of wanting to get out, they are more likely to wander around and get a few non-essential items for themselves.

It’s also been proven to boost staff mood as well. They feel more productive and will help boost your store’s bottom line.

Daylight and Cool White lights can also be beneficial in clothing or jewelry stores. The light’s color will bring out the clothing’s actual color and produce a shine on the jewelry.

LED lights also offer superior-quality lighting and are designed with a high Color Rendering Index. This CRI means it reveals objects’ true colors. According to various research, high CRI lights generate a flattering light that invokes a positive feeling in customers. Like the majority of LED light bulbs with high CRI, the manufacturer doesn’t advertise this bit on the packaging. Rest assured that if an LED light bulb isn’t described with a high CRI rating, it more than likely does have a high CRI rating.

Yes, the Cool White and Daylight bulbs have a bright color, but there are instances where a dimmer light is necessary. Sometimes too bright of a light can be overwhelming to customers and staff, and a dimmer lighting atmosphere generates feelings of contentment. It can also help highlight certain products you’re selling.

Remember, first impressions count. If a customer doesn’t like what your store offers, chances are they will turn right around and go to another store that meets their expectations and atmosphere.

According to other research, better lighting entices people to shop with you. Merchant Mechanics carried out a study at GNC health and nutrition stores and found that 3.7% of people who passed by were enticed to come in when brighter lights were used. Only 2.1% of customers entered the store with dimmer lights. A study by the National Lighting Bureau noted that after the installation of new lights, there was a one-third increase in traffic, a 38% increase in sales and a 19% increase in profits.

Better Task Lighting

Lighting is also crucial for bringing out your store’s products. The right type of light can catch a shopper’s eye and make them look twice at the offering. Get creative with small displays by using a spotlight. With more extensive displays, go with the AR111. You could also generate “talk” among customers with a colored spotlight on a display but only do this occasionally. Too often, and the customers come to expect it. 

Since LEDs are considered directional, light is not wasted in areas where it’s not necessary. Use LED lights with adjustable features (track lighting, for example) to show off certain promotions, products, signage and more. The key is to be smart with your LED lighting setup to get the most bang for your buck. 

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