Save $Hundreds with the Lepro Linear LED High Bay Light

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Linear high bay light is the perfect solution for brightening large indoor spaces with high ceilings.  However, only by having a longer lifespan will it be possible to save both energy and money. To accomplish it, Lepro linear high bay light applies high-quality components and rigorous testing, which helps them gain widespread recognition.

How Do Lepro Linear LED High Bay Lights Save $Hundreds in Maintenance Cost

Certification of Lepro Linear LED High Bay

Lepro linear LED high bay lights are FCC, UL and DLC certified, offering a prolonged lifespan of 50,000 hours with a 5-year warranty. Therefore, our customers can easily apply for energy-saving rebates.

Lepro Linear High Bay LED Chips

Lepro Linear High Bay Lights are powered by the sophisticated 2835 LEDs from Lumileds, allowing it to achieve as high as 136 lm/W lumen efficiency and attain maximum energy savings. A single Lepro 220W linear high bay light produces 30,000 lumens, the equivalent of an 800W metal halide light. Each light can save 2117 kWh per year, assuming a 10-hour workday, with a 72.5% reduction in energy consumption

As evident in the table and chart calculated by the TM21 report below, the lifespan of the LED module reaches a maximum of 37.1 years lifetime at 77°F and 8 working hours per day.

Linear High Bay LED Chips

Drivers with High Quality

In addition to the LED module, the Lepro Linear High Bay Light’s driver can also supply stable power output and ensure long-term durability. Stamping housing and air vent design enable better heat dissipation, enhancing safety and service life.

As shown in the following chart, our driver reaches an impressive maximum life expectancy of 44.2 years at 77°F and 8 working hours per day.

Linear High Bay LED driver


A series of reliability tests were done to verify that Lepro Linear LED High Bay Lights will continue to perform exceptionally in adverse conditions.

  • High temperature and high humidity working test: Subject to a high temperature at 113 °F (45 °C) and 85% RH (relative humidity), aging for 500hrs, they operated normally.
  • High-temperature test: After being subject to 500 hours of high-temperature at 185°F (85°C), Lepro linear high bay lights functioned effectively, and no abnormal phenomenon occurred during the test.
  • Low-temperature test: Even after the lights were tested at -4°F (-20°C) for 500 hours, the Lepro linear high bay lights operated smoothly, with no abnormal phenomenon occurring during the test.

Based on the tests results and professional calculation, we are proud to inform you that the expected lifetime of Lepro Linear LED High Bay Lights extends as far as 36.7 years at 77°F (25°C), working 8 hours/day.

Linear High Bay Light Test
Lepro Linear High Bay Test

Therefore, supported by the UL and DLC certification, a 5-year warranty, and 50,000 hours lifespan, it can be easily said that Lepro Linear LED High Bay Light is one of the best choices for your warehouses or factories.

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