How to Save Thousands of Dollars with Lepro Parking Lot Lights

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Customers have the opportunity of saving thousands of dollars by employing the Lepro parking lot lights. How is this possible? Well, we offer exceptional quality luminaires with a long lifespan and high lumen efficiency. In this article, you will find the answers.

1. SMD3030 LEDs of Lepro LED Parking Lot Lights

The Seoul SMD3030 LED chip with IP (intellectual property) protection is our Lepro parking lot lights’ lighting solution.

As evident in the table and chart below calculated by the TM21 report, the lifespan of the L80B50 LED module reaches a maximum of 82.2 years lifetime at 77°F and works for 8 hours per day.

Lifespan of Lepro LED Parking Lot Lights

Thanks to the rational LED arrays and comparatively better heat dissipation, our parking lot light can achieve up to 130 lm/w of lumen output. The 1000 W metal-halide lamps can be replaced with our 300 W parking lot light, saving energy costs by 70%.

300 W parking lot light, saving energy costs by 70%.

2. Lepro Parking Lot Light Driver: UL listed, Surge Immunity

Lepro Shoebox Light drivers are UL listed and approved to offer our customers outstanding quality, reliable, and satisfying premium-grade products. The E-cap is the key component in a driver, influencing and altering the driver’s working life expectancy. Consequently, we order the E-caps from the renowned manufacturer, AiSHi, enhancing high ambient temperature performance. It owns as high as 6 kV L-N wire and 10 kV L/N-PE wire surge immunity. Thus, there is no need to stress over our products as they can operate effectively even during harsh weather like lightning and thunderstorms.

Lepro parking lot lights are further tested by applying the stringent Lepro standards on them, and they come accompanied by a guarantee over the 5-year warranty. As shown in the following chart, our drivers reach an impressive maximum of 37.7 years lifetime at 77°F, and 8 working hours per day.

Lepro Parking Lot Light driver lifespan

3. Lepro Parking Lot Light Durable Housing

The die-casting housing of the Lepro LED shoebox light constructed using aluminum alloy ensures durability and enhances excellent thermal conductivity. While the light fixture’s streamlined design helps lower the air resistance to cool the lights down, the 21 radiating blades strengthen heat dissipation. The split heat dissipation design of the driver and LED module can conduct heat effectively and thereby prolong the luminaire’s lifespan.

4. Reliability Test of Lepro Parking Lot Light

Thermal Shock Test

To ascertain the impact time and intense temperatures have on the Lepro parking lot lights, they are positioned in a chamber with the lights turned off,  under 176°F (80°C) for 1 hour. Subsequently, they are further enclosed under -22°F (-30°C) for 1 hour; the transfer time should be less than 30 seconds. After 500 cycles, the product survived and continued to work well.

Thermal shock test

Temp-Humidity Bias Test

The temperature-humidity bias test conducted on the Lepro parking lot lights helps evaluate their performance, ascertain if the products trigger corrosion, and ensure their proper functioning when stress is applied at 104°F ( 40°C) and 93% relative humidity with 500 hours.

Temp-humidity bias test

100% Aging Test

Each batch of Lepro parking lot lights must mandatorily pass a 4-hour aging test with a variable voltage ranging from 100-277 V before being shipped out.

Additionally, Lepro parking lot lights are also backed and approved by the UL, FCC, and DLC certification. We are proud to announce that the Lepro parking lot lights offer an outstanding 5-year warranty even under 104°F (40°C) ambient temperature. The expected lifetime of these lights can even go up to 37.7 years in the condition of 77°F ( 25°C) and 8 working hours/day.

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