How to Save Hundreds of Dollars with the Lepro Tube Lights

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Still using fluorescent tube lights? Well, it’s time to switch over to LED tubes now!

Introducing before you the Lepro LED tubes, a UL & DLC listed tube light with 50% energy savings, an ultra-long lifespan of 50,000 hours, and a 5-year warranty that will undoubtedly save you hundreds during its lifespan. Now let’s get started!

How to Save Energy & Money with the Lepro Tube Lights

1. Obtained UL and DLC certifications

2. Lower Power Consumption and Heat

3. Lepro Tube Lights Driver

4. Conducted a Range of Accredited Peace of Mind Tests

1. Obtained UL & DLC certifications

Lepro tube lights are UL and DLC certified, assuring strong product safety and performance. Besides, you may easily apply for rebates.

UL & DLC certifications

2. Lower Power Consumption and Heat

The LED module is crucial to the lifespan of the tube. Thanks to the rational driver and LED module design, the current running through the LED chip only has 80% of its maximum permissible value, which means Lepro LED tube can achieve as high as 130lm/W lumen efficiency, equivalent to a 32W fluorescent tube. Using the Lepro 17W LED tube with 2200 lumens tube, you can save up to 548 kWh per year.

LED tube with 2200 lumens

As evident in the table and chart calculated by the TM21 report below, the lifespan of the LED module reaches a maximum of 23.1 years lifetime at 77°F and works for 8 hours per day.

LED Lifetime calcultated

Hence, with the same brightness, you get lower power consumption and less heating, and employing superior heat dissipation materials, extensively improves the lifespan of Lepro LED tubes.

Power consumption

3. Lepro Tube Lights Driver

E-Cap Is The Key Component In a Driver , Lepro select top-level components and enhance the overall stability through the professional circuit design. As shown in the following chart, Lepro drivers reach an impressive maximum of 74.6 years lifetime at 77°F, and 8 working hours per day.

Driver lifetime

4. Conducted a Range of Accredited Peace of Mind Tests

To confirm the ultimate performance of Lepro LED tubes and ensure their normal functioning in a special environment, in addition to the lifespan test cited above, Lepro also conducted a series of reliability tests.

1. High Temperature and High Humidity Test

Subject to277V input high temperature at 149 °F (65 °C) and 85% relative humidity, aging for 400hrs, they operate normally.

2. Limit Temperature Test

Placed in a 176°F (80°C) oven for 15 hours, they normally work.

Limit Temperature Test

3. Low-temperature Startup Test: Instant on at –4°F (-20°C).

In view of the tests results and professional calculation, we are proud to inform you that the expected lifetime of these lights can go as far as 23.1 years at 77°F (25°C) and 8 working hours/day.


After reviewing the reports, I’m sure you now understand how to save energy and money with the Lepro Tube Lights, Lepro not only has the advantages such as the above, but also It is perfect for various spaces like retail spaces, offices, schools, hospitals, and more.

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