Why Choose the Reliable Lepro LED Parking Lot Light?

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Lighting systems for parking lots need to work in a variety of environments, including extremely severe weather. Safety and reliability are crucial to avoid high maintenance costs and tedious maintenance procedures. Lepro parking lot lights fit the bill. Let’s take a look.

Lepro Parking Lot Light Certification

We offer our customers the peace of mind that not only are our parking lot lights UL-listed, but the components such as the LED chips and drivers are as well. Furthermore, our products are FCC certified and DLC premium grade with a 1-10V dimming function. Therefore our customers can easily apply for a rebate.

Reliability test of Lepro LED Shoebox Light

Surge Immunity

Our products can achieve as high as 10KV (L-PE wiring) surge immunity, far more than the legal requirements of only 2KV. They function effectively, even during harsh weather like lightning and thunderstorms.

 Surge Immunity

Stability: The 3G Vibration Test

Lepro’s parking lot lights have passed the 3G vibration test with flying colors. This 3G vibration test assesses wind and traffic-induced vibration for structures used on bridges and overpasses. To verify their stability and robustness, Lepro’s parking lot lights were tested 100,000 times along the three mutually perpendicular planes (X, Y, and Z) at an accelerated speed of over 3Gs (29.4m/s2). After testing, Lepro’s structures had no damage to their enclosures, no reduction of electrical spacing, and no loosening of any part of the luminaires.

The 3G Vibration Test

Impact Test – IK08 Rating

Thanks to their die-cast aluminum housing and robust PC lens, our parking lot lights have an IK08 impact resistance rating. Due to this, they can withstand severe impact equivalent to a 3.7lb (1.7kg) steel ball falling from a height of 11.8 inch (300mm).

IK08 impact resistance rating

IP65 Rating and Salt Spray Test

The Lepro parking lot light, backed by the IP65 rating, in addition to being dust & water proof, also has an excellent corrosion-resistant bronze finish. These fixtures can pass the salt spray test when subject to a maximum of 500 hours. They are perfect for nearly all outdoor locations, including high-saline environments like the seashore. 

water proof parking lot light

Key Features of Lepro LED Parking Lot Light

Type III Light Distribution

Lepro parking lot lights offer Type III light distribution, which is the universal type for our customers. Upon request, Type II, Type IV, and Type V can also be provided. For special requests, simply contact us. We will be happy to deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Type III Light Distribution

Dusk-to-Dawn Photocell Sensor

Our products offer photocell sensor controls to automatically power on and off the LEDs from dusk to dawn, making energy-saving a reality. If not required, we can additionally offer you a shorting cap to turn off this function.

parking lot light with photocell

 5 Types of Mounting Accessories

Our products come accompanied by a DI pole bracket, the most common mounting accessory. However, we can also provide the SF, SR, TR, and U brackets when necessary. Please contact us if you need them.

parking lot light mount

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