Why Choose the Reliable Lepro LED High Bay Light?

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What is most crucial when choosing LED High Bay Lights?

The core elements demanding diligence while choosing a luminaire are reliability and safety. That’s where Lepro,  your trustworthy partner comes in.

5 Reasons to Choose Lepro High Bay LED light fixture

1. Certification:

First, let’s catch a glimpse of the lighting-specific certificates issued to our light fixtures.

 High Bay Lights Certification
  • UL: Lepro LED High Bay Lights, along with our critical components like drivers, LED chips, etc., are UL listed.
  • FCC: Lepro LED High Bay Lights are also FCC certified. No worry for harmful electromagnetic interference.
  • DLC5.1:Lepro LED High Bay Lights are in compliance with the latest DLC 5.1 standard, meaning you can get rebates easily.

2. IP65 & IK10 Rating:

  • IP65 rating:

Lepro LED High Bay Light, backed by the IP65 rating, is dustproof and waterproof. Plus, they are equipped with an excellent corrosion-resistant black finish.

They can pass up to 168 hours of the salt/spray test. This high level of protection means they work in nearly all outdoor locations, including high-saline environments like the beach and seashore where water has high salt content.

IP65 waterproof high bays
  • IK10 Impact Resistant:

Thanks to the premium grade Die-cast housing and robust PC lens used in the Lepro LED High Bay Light, its mechanical impact rating, known as the IK code, can reach up to IK10.

It signifies that our lights can withstand a severe external impact equivalent to an 11 pound spherical steel ball falling from a height of 15.74 inches.

IK10 Impact Resistant

3. 6 Kilovolt Surge Immunity:

To provide optimal surge immunity, Lepro LED High Bay Lights conduct up to six times the standard requirements to avoid light failure.

Surge Immunity

4. Operation Conditions

Our Lepro LED High Bay Lights work with a wide voltage ranging from AC 90 to 305 Voltage. They also operate with wide ambient temperatures from -40 °F to 122 °F. This means there is no need to worry that our products can be utilized in nearly any region in the USA. 

 High Bay Lights working voltage

90 Degree Beam Angle

To minimize dazzle caused by lighting, Lepro’s LED High Bay Lights are designed with a 90-degree beam angle. This means not only more lights can be concentrated on a work plane, but also the UGR comes in under 28. At the same time, an amazing 145 lumens per watt luminous efficacy is also achieved.

90 Degree Beam Angle

5. 3 Firm Mounting Methods:

Last but not least, we take into consideration the techniques adopted to install the light fixtures.

3 Firm Mounting Methods for high bay light
  • Hook Mount – The Lepro high bay comes furnished with a hoop fastened to the top of the light with the help of screws to avoid the fixture from falling apart.
  • U-shaped Bracket – Our product can also be installed with a U-shaped adjustable bracket, maybe flexibly positioned at any angle, and is easily surface mounted.
  • ½” NPT Mount – You can also opt for the 1/2″ NPT mount, where you may hang the fixture employing pipes, nuts, and brackets as opposed to attaching it directly to the ceiling. You can click to get close to more information about LED high bay light installations.

We confidently vouch for the quality of all our top-notch products and highly encourage replacing your UFO LED high bay lights with our remarkable light fixtures.

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