Why Choose the Reliable Lepro LED High Bay Light?

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What is most crucial when choosing LED High Bay Lights?

The core elements demanding diligence while choosing a luminaire are reliability and safety. That’s where Lepro,  your trustworthy partner comes in.

5 Reasons to Choose Lepro High Bay LED light fixture

1. Certification:

First, let’s catch a glimpse of the lighting-specific certificates issued to our light fixtures.

  • UL: Our products, along with the critical components like the driver, LED chips, etc., are UL listed.
  • FCC: Our products are FCC certified. This implies that it not only evades harmful electromagnetic interference but is also compatible with other electrical equipment.

2. IK07, IP65

  • IK07: Owing to the premium grade Die-cast housing and durable tempered glass, the mechanical impact (IK code) rating can reach IK07. This signifies that our Lepro UFO can withstand a severe external impact of a 1.1 lb (0.5kg) spherical steel ball falling from a height of 15.7 in (400 mm).
Lepro LED High Bay Light IK07
  • IP65 Rating: The Lepro high bay, backed by the IP65 rating, is dust & waterproof and has an excellent corrosion-resistant black finish. They can pass the salt spray test when subject to a maximum of 168 hours. Hence, they are ideal for nearly all severe locations such as swimming pools, gyms, warehouses, workshops, and other industrial applications.

3. Surge Immunity:

In order to strengthen the ability of surge immunity, Lepro high bay lights conduct as high as 4 times the standard requirements to avoid light failure and voltage spike.

LED High Bay Light surge immunity

4. Wide Input Voltage:

Our Lepro LED high bay light ensures a uniform luminous performance with a wide input voltage ranging from 90-305 V AC. It can be utilized in nearly all power grids in the USA. 

5. 3 Firm Mounting Methods:

Last but not least, we take into consideration the techniques adopted to install the light fixtures.

3 Firm Mounting Methods of Lepro LED High Bay Light
  • Hook Mount – The Lepro high bay comes furnished with a hoop fastened to the top of the light with the help of screws to avoid the fixture from falling apart.
  • U-shaped Bracket – Our product can also be installed with a U-shaped adjustable bracket, maybe flexibly positioned at any angle, and is easily surface mounted.
  • ½” NPT Mount – You can also opt for the 1/2″ NPT mount, where you may hang the fixture employing pipes, nuts, and brackets as opposed to attaching it directly to the ceiling. You can click to get close to more information about LED high bay lights installations.

We confidently vouch for the quality of all our top-notch products and highly encourage replacing your UFO LED high bay lights with our remarkable light fixtures.

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