LED High Bay Lights

Why Buy LED High Bay Lights from Lepro?
1. High quality. 5 Years warranty. UL Listed.
2. Always satisfied price in the same quality level.
3. DLC certified. Opportunity to get rebates from local utility provider.
4. Philips Lumileds LED inside.
5. Free shipping.


What Types of LED High Bay Lights Do I Choose?
UFO and linear fixtures are two major types. Usually, it depends on your lighting area. Benefits are as follow:
1. UFO High Bay Lights
1.1 Controllable beam angle to working area.
1.2 Easy to install.
1.3 Cool appearance.

2.Linear High Bay Lights
2.1 Rectangular shape make it easier to light on rectangular working area, aisle, hallway and other rectangular area.
2.2 Wider beam angel.
2.3 No spotlight effect.