5 Best LED Wall Pack Lights in 2023

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What are LED Wall Pack Lights?

Wall pack lights, otherwise alternately known as exterior building lights, are specially designed luminaires that may be mounted on the outer part of commercial building walls. As a result of being pretty standard and extensively used, it is a common sight nowadays in our daily lives. Wall packs are designed with high-intensity lamp heads that, in addition to being energy-efficient and durable, have a low level of light pollution. Among the list of benefits this light puts forth, it is its ability to illuminate specific areas off-premises, bringing additional security and increased protection that needs special mention.

Besides being extremely functional, the LED wall packs are considerably more efficient. They surpass the conventional lights virtually in all aspects, be it with regard to light output, energy consumption, life uniformity, maintenance, life expectancy, or heat emission.

In light of all factors, if you believe you are in the right direction with the LEDs and decide to persist and stay loyal to them, but are required to choose wall packs, jotted below are five of the best LED wall pack lights in the market.

Best LED Wall Pack Lights

The list of best LED wall pack lights:

  1. Lepro LED Wall Pack Light
  2. HYPERLITE 50 W LED Wall Pack Light
  3. Hyperikon 70 W LED Wall Light
  4. Sunco Lighting UL & DLC LED Wall Light
  5. Hykolity 60-W LED Wall Pack Light

1.  Lepro LED Wall Pack Light

The Lepro LED wall pack lights are high-quality light sources for outdoor use that helps deliver maintenance-free general illumination in residential and commercial applications such as retail, education, multi-unit housing, and storage. The Lepro LED wall pack lights also come accompanied by a dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor included model. Consequently, the LED lamp is in a position to automatically power on and off the LEDs from dusk to dawn as they detect and are activated by natural light. Probable locations include building facades, parking areas, walkways, garages, loading areas, and other outdoor spaces demanding reliable security lighting.

Owing to the Lepro wall pack being IP65 waterproof and anti-surge resistant, they can withstand rain, moisture, and lightning outdoors. Moreover, as a result of being backed by a UL listing for your safety guarantee and yielding a peak output of125 lm/W of light efficacy, they translate to reduced utility bills.

Customers are at liberty to opt from among the 40W, 80W, and 120W Lepro wall pack lights. Depending on the installation height, it is possible to choose the right wattage.


  • Dusk-to-Dawn feature
  • Flicker-free
  • High-quality Lumileds LED
  • IP65 waterproof & anti-surge protection
  • DLC & UL listed for rebate and safety

2.  HYPERLITE 50 W LED Wall Pack Light

HYPERLITE 50 W LED Wall Pack Light

The 50 W Hyperlite outdoor wall pack lighting possesses a lumen count of 6,500 with an input voltage of 110-277v and a standard beam angle of roughly around 120 degrees emitted from the light source. They render a brilliant, luminous 5000K light, which is significantly more radiant in contrast to other 60W LED wall packs, which connotes a more stable and energy-efficient light. The HYPERLITE prioritizes high standard and superior quality products by individually testing each product for first-rank insurance and performance. These certifications can be seen on DLC websites.

Every single one of the Hyperlite 50W LED wall pack light comes equipped with a photocell. It is completely up to the customers whether they decide to use it or not, based on practical situations. It also comes coupled with a gradient, which allows you to install them promptly and precisely. Based on estimates, it takes close to five minutes to install one wall pack light.


  • UL & DLC certified
  • Easy installation
  • 5-year warranty


  • More expensive than the average market price.

3.  Hyperikon 70 W LED Wall Light

Hyperikon 70 W LED Wall Light

The Hyperikon wall pack lights are high-quality lights that can replace all of your existing wall pack fixtures. The fixture offers 24-W bulbs that are rated at 2400 Lumens, assuring a bright and clear light in your house or garage. Moreover, due to its extended lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, the frequency of replacing bulbs is reduced, thereby achieving savings and leaving a lot of money for various other things. Thanks to the removable rear plate, this unit may be mounted hassle-free. On the whole, the Hyperikon LED wall packs are highly reliable and a safe alternative that ensures security in your household.


  • Reliable, safe, and high-quality lights.
  • Long life achieved through excellent heat dissipation performance.
  • Removable rear plate for easy installation.
  • Bright clear light with 2400 lumens.
  • Lower wattage helps save energy.


  • The design is not too impressive.

4. Sunco Lighting UL & DLC LED Wall Light

Sunco Lighting UL & DLC LED Wall Light

The Sunco LED wall light, owing to its luminous flux count of 7000 lumens, is perfect for illuminating general outdoor areas, including parking areas, entrances, pathways, loading docks, alleys, retail, commercial, and residential complexes, and landscapes. Furthermore, these industrial-grade lights made of durable glass will neither degrade nor change colors due to harsh weather conditions such as sunlight exposure, debris, and heavy rain. Above all, the Sunco wall packs are UL and DLC certified, implying they are eligible for nationwide and statewide rebates after being subject to multiple tests conducted by many experts.


  • UL and DLC certified
  • Widely used in a variety of places.
  • Long operational lifetime
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Impact and heat resistant


  • Accompanied by a poor sealing gasket.

5. Hykolity 60-W LED Wall Pack Light

Hykolity 60-W LED Wall Pack Light

In addition to all the above-mentioned alternatives, another well-known brand for manufacturing electrical appliances, which is a fantastic substitute for the traditional bulbs, is the 60-W wall pack by Hykolity. This light comes coupled with a unique thermal solution ideal for use in many commercial applications. With a stunning luminosity of 7500 lumens, this fixture can be employed to light up large spaces, like a car park or pathways, to enhance safety and security at night. The durable and high-quality polycarbonate lens within the wall pack allows symmetrical light distribution, thereby increasing its performance.


  • Emits up to 7500 lumens for super bright light.
  • Instant light without warm-up phase.
  • Great for general outdoor applications.
  • DLC-qualified for the nation and statewide rebate programs.
  • Durable and high-quality polycarbonate lens.


  • Only suitable for commercial purposes.

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