How to Buy T8 LED Tube – 5 Key Points Should Be Considered

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Because of energy saving and long lifespan, LED tube lights are more and more popular. How to buy T8 LED tube ? 5 key points should be considered.
1.Installation Requirement and Total Cost
4.Safety certification
5.Energy Saving Certification

1.Installation Requirement and Total Cost
T8 LED tube lights are becoming more and more popular. There are four types:
(1) Hybrid LED tubes (work with or without ballast)
(2) Plug-and-play ballast compatible tubes
(3) Single-ended ballast non-compatible tubes
(4) Double-ended ballast non-compatible tubes

So, how can you save the most money? You can choose based on the total cost.
High quality LED tubes usually offer a five-year warranty, so we calculate five years of the total cost.
Where Total Cost = Product Price + Installation Cost + Maintenance Cost

If you assume the ballast only needs to be replaced once in five years, the Cost is from our resources in December 2019. It’s different for different locations and times.

If you are a DIY fan, the single-ended ballast non-compatible tube is the best choice for you.
If you use an electrician, the double-ended ballast non-compatible tube is your best choice.
What’s the difference between single-ended and double-ended tubes? Single-ended tubes need a rewire job before installation. So, the installation cost is higher, but the product price is lower.

If you’re not a DIY fan, you’re better off choosing tubes with a five-year warranty. Doing so saves hundreds of dollars in installation and maintenance.

If your project is in a place, like an office, where work requires attention and focus, daylight white is a better choice.
If your project is in a place where you relax, like a living room or bedroom, a warm white is a better choice.
Usually, LED tubes are used in places which require attention and focus. So, daylight white is the first choice.

4.Safety certification
Do I need to choose LED tube lights with UL or ETL certification?
As LED tube lights are electrical products, the answer is yes. UL or ETL certification is proof of safety and quality.
However, the price is usually higher for certified products compared to those without the UL or ETL certification.

5.Energy Saving Certification
Do I need tubes with DLC certification?
Yes, you certainly do, and in many cities, you can get rebates from your utility provider. It also saves on your electrical bill.

So, follow these five steps to choose the best LED tube to save the most money.
We hope this video has helped you.

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