How to Install LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

LED ceiling lights are necessary for the most of families. If hire electrician to install, it usually takes over $100. Now you can save $100 by following the video or article installation guide.

How to install flush mount ceiling lights?
At first, please make sure you get Installation tool. Then, please follow the guide
1. Pull the bracket lock to take off the mounting bracket.

2. Fix the mounting bracket to the ceiling.
2.1 For concrete and stone ceilings, first drill 2 holes, the distance between the holes for this lamp should be 45-70mm. Please check your product manual for details. Put in the concrete anchors and then fix the mounting bracket with screws.
2.2 For wooden ceilings, just use a screwdriver to fix the mounting bracket.

3. Add anti-scratch pads to the back of the lamp body.

4. Open the light’s waterproof wiring compartment.

5. Insert the wires into the electrical connections N and L accordingly.

6. Straighten out the wire, put the rubber sealant into position and lock the wiring compartment.

7. Pull the bracket lock and attach the lamp body to the fixed mounting bracket.

8. Turn on the main switch and the lamp will light up immediately and the installation will be completed successfully.

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