How to Install LED Wall Pack Light

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Traditionally, halogen lamps are widely used as a wall light. However, they have low luminous efficiency, relatively high power consumption, high maintenance fees, and short service life.

Why Choose LED Wall Pack Light?

LED is far superior to traditional lighting fixtures in terms of light-emitting principle, energy-saving, and environmental protection. Therefore, more and more contractors prefer to choose LED wall pack lights recently. Then it comes to the question of how to install LED wall pack light. And we will provide the right answer in detail in this article.

Installation Instructions of LED Wall Pack Light

1. Remove the lamp cover.

Turn off the power. Unscrew the 4 screws of the lamp cover and the rubber sleeve on the screw must not be discarded. Remove the lamp cover. Take care not to damage the lamp cover.

Remove the wall pack light lamp

2. Make mounting holes on walls.

Make mounting holes on the wall according to the size shown in the picture.

Make mounting holes

3. Screw the lamp onto the holes.

Use an electric drill to drill through the mounting holes on the lamp. Remove the 1/2 plug with a screwdriver. Attach the EVA pad to the relevant position on the back of the lamp. Run the power line through the hole. Screw the lamp onto the mounting holes.

Screw the lamp onto the holes.

4. Connect the wires of the wall pack light.

Connect the wires correctly and make good protection. Pull out the wire connected to the photocell if the photocell function is not demanded.

 Connect the wires of wall pack light.

5. Assemble the lamp cover.

Assemble the lamp cover back to the lamp. Fasten the lamp cover to the lamp body with a kit rubber ring. Installation is finished and turn the lamp on.

Assemble the wall pack lamp cover

Cautions of Installing LED Wall Pack Light

  1. Please don’t use the electric generator to test the LED lamp.
  2. Please abide by related country, regional and local law and regulations when install the fixture.
  3. Please don’t install the fixture when it’s raining to lower the risk of electric shock and avoid failure.
  4. To avoid possibility of electrical shock or fire, the installation personnel must have professional electric knowledge.
  5. Please wear gloves to avoid injury before installation.
  6. If any smoke or spark happened, please turn off the power inmediately and notify relevant personnel.

Guide of Choose the LED Wall Pack light

When choosing LED wall pack lights, IP65 waterproof, flicker-free, and anti-surge protection are significant features for safety consideration. With all these features, the Lepro wall pack light is one of the best choices. Besides, Lepro provides 5 years warranty and 50000 hours lifespan to release all of your worries.

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