How to Install Outdoor LED Flood Lights – Easy to Follow Installation Guide

LED flood lights are widely used for gardens, backyards, garages, parking lot lighting, and more. This page introduces how to install LED flood lights.

Simple Guide to Install LED Flood Light

Do not need to fix to wall, ground or others. No special tools required.

Step1. Cut off the power

To start with, please turn off the main power for safety reasons.

how to install flood light

Step 2. Connect the wires

After fixing the light components, connect the wires according to the mark of the fire wire, the zero wire, and the ground wire.

how to install flood lights

Step 3. Adjust the angle

After the light wires are connected, adjust the projection angle of the light using the open end wrench.

installing flood lights

Step 4. Turn on the LED flood light

After the installation, please turn the switch on and test whether the light is on. If so, the installation is complete.

how to install outdoor flood lights

Advanced Installation Guide of LED Flood Light

If you want to make the flood light more stable, or keep it from being taken away, you can fix the lights to the wall or the ground.

Tools: open end wrench, electric screwdriver, impact drill, and hammer.

install outdoor flood light

To begin with, please follow the 4 simple steps above.

Step 5. Make a punch mark on the surface to be installed.

flood light installation

Step 6. Select appropriate drill bit, punch a hole with the impact drill, and knock the expansion screw into the hole first.

flood light wiring

Step 7. Take out the light components, align the mounting hole of the light bracket with the punched hole, fix the bracket by inserting the self-tapping screw with a power screwdriver. If the expansion bolt is used, align the bracket mounting hole with the bolt and tighten the nut with an open end wrench.

how to install a floodlight

If you buy LED flood lights with motion sensor, on additional step after standard step 2:

Additional step: After the light wires are connected, adjust the lighting, time, and distance knob on the sensor head, and adjust the projection angle of the lamp through the open end wrench.

how to wire flood light

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    1. May want to check the voltage coming off of your timer. You might be getting voltage leak even when it times off. This could cause erratic behavior in the lights as they would be seeing voltage but not enough to properly operate. This could be caused by either a bad timer or wiring that is improperly done (wired backwards as an example). I have mine on timers and the lights work just as intended.

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  2. Why is it that I can’t control the two lights I purchased (2 Pack 15W RGB LED Flood Light with Remote Control, Outdoor Waterproof Security Light for Garden, Yard, Party and Patio) with separate remotes? Only ONE remote works for BOTH lights simultaneously… I’d LIKE to MIX colors, not MATCH them!

  3. Hi, What an impressive post! The way you sum-up this topic briefly, shows your professionalism.By adding brass flood lights around the exterior of my home, I guarantee shadows and dark corners that easily hide thieves are brought to light in the late hours of the night.

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