How to Install LED Strip Lights in Closet

Closets are pieces of furniture we use every day. We all know that the space inside a closet is generally enclosed, so that when organizing or looking for clothes, you need sufficient lights. But how do you pick clothes after getting up in the morning without waking up your significant other? You need to add some lights into your wardrobe, and LED strip lights are a good choice. First of all, LED strip lights can be pasted onto the wall of the closet without occupying extra space. They also have low voltage and a high safety profile, enabling indoor use. Besides lighting improvement, a closet with LED strip lights feels more elegant and significantly more attractive. So how do you choose and install LED strip lights in closet? We will discuss this in detail as follows.

led closet light strip

How to Install LED Closet Light Strip

The following will talk about how to install LED strip lights to decorate your closet and improve your efficiency in daily organization and selection of clothes.

Step 1: Choose a Suitable LED Closet Light Strip

In terms of color, people prefer white closet strip lights, such as daylight or warm white, depending on the interior decoration or closet style.

installing led strip lights in closet

As to length, we suggest determining the position of the strip in the closet and measuring the required length beforehand, so that you can choose the most suitable strip among different lengths and avoid waste or insufficiency.

Regarding other functions, we suggest selecting a strip that can adjust brightness depending on the lighting conditions when you open the closet to select clothes, which satisfies different lighting needs.

In addition, some strips are waterproof, which are generally more expensive than non-waterproof ones. If they are only installed in closets, non-waterproof ones will suffice. Of course, if you are installing them in the kitchen or bathroom, we suggest buying waterproof ones.

Step 2: Unwrap the Strip and Paste It Onto the Closet Wall

Open the LED strip lights kit once you receive it, and confirm the strip, the remote control, the controller, and the connector are all in place. Then paste the strip onto your planned position. Because the strip needs to be plugged in and with regard to aesthetics, pay special attention to the end of the strip lights that connects with power supply.

Also, if your strip is too long, cut the strip along the scissors mark. Avoid cutting it askew, or the whole unit of lights will not switch on.

how to install led strip lights in closet

Step 3: Plug in and Turn on the Strip

The last step is connect the strip with the controller through the connector and then plug in the connector. Your LED strip lights will turn on and light the closet. If the strip doesn’t light up when plugged in, check the direction of the connection between the connector and the strip. The lights will not switch on when the direction is in reverse.

PS: Do not plug in while installing the lights. Only plug in when you confirm the installation is in place and correct.

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Best LED Closet Strip Lights Recommendations

Are you ready to add a beautiful and practical LED light strip to your closet? Here we recommend Lepro 50ft LED Strip Lights Kit, which is very suitable for indoor use. 50ft is enough for longer closets, and you can cut the extra part when it’s too long, the remainder still working properly. You can also choose any color depending on your needs, and the brightness adjustment enables you to modify the intensity of the lights to suit different times of the day.

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LED strip lights can be used in many situations in interior decoration. Besides closets, they can be installed in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, etc. Check this for more details about different types of LED strip lights. 

3 thoughts on “How to Install LED Strip Lights in Closet”

  1. A. Medhat Abdelsalam

    Where exactly to stick the LED strip in the closet?? down the shelf? front or rear? How about vertically oriented??

    1. Above the clothes, stick it to the ceiling of the shelf. On the front with a 45 Degree mounting clamp so it doesn’t hurt your eyes. You can find these quite mounting profiles easily from where you purchase the strips.

  2. Can these strips be folded (crimped) at a 90-degree angle so one can run them on three sides (up left, across top, down right)? Or will the connections break?

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