How to Choose the Best LED Strip Lights for Mood Lighting

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Do LED strip lights affect mood?

Of course lighting can affect people’s mood. LED light strips can bring out different colors and modulate people’s mood. On the one hand, different colors have different effects on promoting people’s mood; on the other hand, the same color at varying brightness levels can give people different feelings.

Part 1. How Different Colors Affect Mood

Part 2. How to Choose a LED Mood Light Strip

Part 3. Recommending the Best LED Mood Light Strip

Part 1. How Different Colors Affect Mood

As a type of ambient light, LED light strips are often used by people to adjust mood and create different atmospheres. However, if the lighting effect is not adjusted properly, it will have the opposite effect of creating a strange, uncomfortable atmosphere. Generally speaking, warm colors such as orange and red make people feel lively, joyful and excited; cool colors such as blue and green make people feel quiet, calm and steady. If you want to try different color effects in a room, you can choose RGB light strips, which can be adjusted to show different colors according to your mood; if you want the indoor lighting to appear warmer, you may not need multiple colors. You can try a warm white LED light strip, which has the effect of soothing emotions; furthermore, there is a cool white light, which is brighter than warm white, and can also make people’s mental energy more focused.

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Part 2. How to Choose a LED Mood Light Strip

So how should you choose different lights? It mainly depends on what kind of atmosphere you wish to create and what kind of changes you want to have in your mood.

1. Bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom, most people want to reduce stress and relax before going to bed. So when choosing a light color, you should go for blue. Color psychology research has shown that blue brings out a relaxing response in people, so you can try using a blue light in your bedroom to reduce anxiety and calm your mind.

led strip lights for mood lighting in bedroom

Green symbolizes nature and can also help you reduce stress and feel tranquil.

Many young women who are fond of a dreamy style like to adjust their room lighting to lavender. In addition to giving people a dreamy and romantic feeling, lavender also has blue as a base color, which has the effect of relieving stress. Light pink can also create a similar atmosphere. However, you should be careful when using red. If there is too much red, it will increase stress and make people feel oppressed.

led mood strip lights for bedroom

In addition to the colors mentioned above, warm white is also an excellent choice. Warm white is a combination of white and soft yellow and gives people a warm and comfortable feeling. It has a soothing effect and makes it easier for you to relax in your bedroom.

2. Living room

Living room lighting generally includes downlights, pendant lights, ceiling lights and others. The design of these lights can to some extent alter the style of a living room and thereby affecting people’s mood. In fact, the truly atmospheric lights are LED strips, which create a completely different living room atmosphere by adjusting different colors and brightness.

The use of LED lighting in the living room mainly depends on the scenario. If you have invited many friends over to your home for a party and want to generate a collective feeling of festivity, you can choose a musical LED light strip. As soon as you turn on the music, the light will dance along with the rhythm of the music. Whether the dancing and singing are fast and energetic or lyrical and romantic, everyone’s emotions can immerse in the music. You can also choose a dreamcolor light strip. The most significant feature of the dreamcolor light strip is that different colors can be displayed on the same light strip at the same time, which can create a marquee, running water or other lighting effect, all of which are very suitable for parties.

led strip mood light kit

If you wish to watch a movie on your sofa with your family in the living room, the LED light strip can adjust the light according to the type of film you are watching. Different films are matched with different lighting effects to create a home theater feel and enable you to feel the warmth of your home.

best led strip lights for mood lighting

3. Bathroom

Bathroom lighting mainly uses white. White lighting can be divided into cold white, warm white, neutral white and others. Different whites also have different lighting effects. Cool white is colder, which can calm people’s emotions and make them feel refreshed; warm white is warm, healthy and comfortable; neutral white makes an interior space look more spacious and gives people a pleasant feeling.

In addition to color, you can also adjust the brightness of the lights to make your bathroom feel different.

led mood light strips for bathroom

Part 3. Recommending the Best LED Mood Light Strip

Good lighting effects can make people feel more relaxed, happy and positive. If you want to use LED light strips to create better lighting effects in any room of your house, it is important that you select a superior LED light strip. As a brand that has invested deeply in LED lightings for many years, Lepro has a large variety of LED mood strip lights on offer. Change your lights based on your personal preferences and see an improvement in your mood and an increase in the daily enjoyment of the warmth and comfort of your home. Come and try it!

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