Best LED Strip Lighting Ideas for Living Room

LED lighting is an important part of a modern interior. Creative people embed LED lights perfectly in different areas of rooms such as living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, giving just the right touch to each corner. Today we’re giving you a few awesome ideas for using LED lighting to create a different atmosphere in your living room according to your mood.

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Part 1. 4 Ideas for LED Strip Lighting in Your Living Room

Part 2. How to Choose Living Room LED Strip Lights

Part 3. Recommend the Best Lepro LED Strip Lights

Part 1. 4 Ideas for LED Strip Lighting in Your Living Room

1. Ceiling

LED strip lighting is normally used for decoration; if your living room is lit with ceiling lights, then you can also install supplemental LED strip lighting. Using LED strip lights together with other types of lighting will make your living room feel different and more layered.

So how can you use LED strip lighting to create a different atmosphere in your living room without changing the layout? The most important thing is choosing the color of your lighting, which you can do based on your home’s style and your personal preference.

living room ceiling led strip lights

For a more comfortable and relaxing living room, keep white lighting to a minimum, and use a small amount of soft yellow lighting for a homely touch. If you are the kind of person who likes to host parties with lots of friends, you can use RGB or dreamcolor strip lighting, matching different colors with different party themes, whether it be purple for romance or pink for dreams; the possibilities are endless. You can also choose music strip lights, creating an immediate party atmosphere with lights that dance along with the music as soon as you switch it on.

living room ceiling led light strip

2. TV Background Wall

The TV background wall is an extremely important part of the decoration of a living room. LED strip lighting is a very good choice to make this area stand out, not only improving the appearance of the space, but also protecting your eyesight. Strip lighting for this area is mainly chosen to conform with the overall style of the living room, but do note that it is best to dim it slightly, and also to avoid dreamcolor lighting, so as not to create extra strain on your eyes while watching TV.

tv led strip lights in living room

3. Below the Sofa

LED strip lighting can be installed under the sofa, mainly to create a comfortable atmosphere. When you are lying on the sofa watching TV or chatting with your family, the yellow light from under the sofa will make the whole living room feel incomparably cozy. Of course, if you love holding parties, then the LED strip lights under your sofa can flash with different lights to match the atmosphere of your living room.

led strip lights under the sofa

4. Coffee table

Generally, LED strip lighting under the coffee table will match the lighting under the sofa. You can choose to only install it in a certain position under the sofa or under the coffee table, or in both places at once; you can choose depending on the effect of the installation in order to achieve your ideal lighting as simply as possible.

led strip lights under coffee table

Part 2. How to Choose Living Room LED Strip Lights

There are so many choices for LED light strips. Before installation, you must consider carefully and install the most suitable strip lighting in the most suitable position.

1. Based on Your Desired Lighting Effect

Color: You can create a completely different atmosphere in your living room by adjusting the color of the LED light strip. People who like parties will definitely choose RGB or dreamcolor lighting, but for supplemental lighting, choose daylight white or warm white.

led strip lights colors in living room

Brightness: Different times of day may need different brightness levels. Raise the brightness when it is needed and lower it for a warmer hue. This means it is best to choose LED strip lighting with adjustable brightness for the living room.

dimmable led strip

Smart strip lighting: Smart strip lighting is generally connected to WiFi, making it more convenient for use in the living room. Quickly and easily adjust the lighting whenever and wherever you want, just by opening the app.

smart strip lighting

Music strip lighting: If you want to hold parties in the living room, music LED strip lights is for you. The light dances along with the music, immediately creating a party atmosphere for you, your family and friends.

music led strip lights in living room

2. Based on the Installation Location

High or low voltage: If the strip lighting is installed indoors in an easily reachable location, such as around the sofa, then low-voltage is best, as it uses a safe voltage and is not dangerous to the body.

Water resistance: Normally, LED strip lighting installed in the living room does not need to be waterproof, but if you need to install it in the bathroom, then it is best to choose waterproof LED strip lights.

waterproof led strip lights in living room

Length: Strip lighting normally needs to be used with a power supply. If the strip has to be cut down to size, only the part connected to the controller can still be used. Therefore, you should confirm the length you need before purchasing. For example, you will definitely need different lengths for the ceiling and the TV background wall, so measure first and then choose different length strips to avoid waste.

led strip lights for your living room

Part 3. Recommend the Best Lepro LED Strip Lights

Once you are clear about what you need, you may wish to choose one or more LED strip lights to decorate your living room. Don’t miss Lepro LED strip lights; it comes in a variety of different styles for you to choose as you wish based on the location of the installation and your desired effect, and you don’t need to worry at all about safety or quality. If you want to know how to install LED strip lights, you can also watch the video below to find out more.

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