How to Control LED Strip Lights with Remote

Q: Why is the LED strip light remote not working?

A: There may be many reasons for the failure of the remote control buttons. First, you can try to press the OFF button to turn off the remote control, and then press ON to turn it on again. If it still doesn’t work after restarting, try to turn off the light and turn it on again, and reconnect the remote control. If it still doesn’t work after both of the above, it may be because the battery is flat, and that you need to replace the battery. The purchased strip light set will usually come with a spare battery for replacement. If it still doesn’t work after the battery is replaced, it is likely there is a problem with the remote control, and you are recommended to consult the after-sales service of the merchant.

Part 1. How to Remote Control LED Strip Lights

Part 2. How to Turn on LED Strip Light Without Remote Controller

Part 1. LED Light Strip Remote Control Instructions

Generally, the remote controllers of different brands and models are not quite the same. Here, we will take the highly popular Lepro RGB LED strip light as an example to show you how to use wireless LED strip lights with remote to adjust the strip light effects.

Switch on/off: The red button in the upper right corner is meant for turning the remote control on or off.

led light strip remote control instructions

Pause: Press the Pause key to pause the current light mode.

Brightness: The two buttons on the upper left corner are meant for adjusting the brightness of the strip light. The button on the left is for increasing brightness (+), and the button on the right is for decreasing brightness (–).

Static Mode: Set 20 fixed colors in the Static Mode area. Press any key to adjust the strip light to the corresponding color.

DIY Mode: You can see buttons from DIY1, DIY2, to DIY6 on the remote control, which means you can set up to six DIY modes. If you want to set the color of DIY1, first press “DIY1,” then press and hold the six up and down arrow keys to adjust the parameters on the RGB palette (RED, GREEN, and BLUE) to set the color that you want. Then, press “DIY1” again to save the chosen color in the DIY1 mode.

JUMP3/JUMP7: JUMP3 refers to the jump mode that switches across three colors, and JUMP7 refers to the jump mode that switches across seven colors.

FADE3/FADE7: FADE3/7 refers to the gradient mode of three or seven colors, respectively.

FLASH: White light strobe mode.

AUTO: This refers to automatic switching across different modes to show different lighting effects.

QUICK/SLOW: These two buttons are used to adjust the strobe speed of the light. The light atmosphere created by different speeds may be completely different.

Part 2. How to Turn on LED Strip Light Without Remote Controller

Without the remote control, is it still possible to turn on the strip light or adjust the light effect? The answer is yes, of course you can. In fact, with the smart LED strip light, you can now connect the strip light to the mobile app, turn on or turn off the strip light on your mobile phone, set the light color and brightness, adjust the light mode, and even set the timer switch. All of this can be done conveniently.

Take the Lepro smart RGB LED strip lights for example. The remote control for this strip light is the same as that for the ordinary RGB LED light strip mentioned above, but because it is the smart model, you can connect it to WiFi and add the strip light as a device to the mobile app, and adjust the light effect through the app. Here, there is a slight difference from the remote control in that, there are several fixed scenarios in the app, such as reading, dazzle, music, and so on, you can set the corresponding light effect in each scenario, which is equivalent to the DIY mode of the remote control. The timer and countdown switch are functions that are not available on the remote control.

led light strip remote app

In addition, the smart version also supports voice control. If you have purchased Amazon Echo, Dot, Google Home Mini, or other smart speakers in your home, you can activate voice control after pairing with your strip light.

To understand how to set up smart LED strip lights, click on the link to find out more.

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  1. Hello All,
    I would like to know the exact names of the colours that can be found on an RGB remote controller with fixed colours. For example: Which is the purple, the indigo, the turquoise etc.
    It is not so simple, as it can be thought.
    Thank you very much in advance for your reply.
    All the best,

    1. Hi Sigmund, thanks for your suggestion. And for most colours, we need to use multiple buttons, as we can hardly get the desired colour like purple with one press on the button.

  2. my led strip (it’s just a regular one, not a smart one) just stopped working. they won’t turn off, or change from white. this is fourth time it’s happened to me in the two weeks that ive had them. ive switched the remote batteries, unplugged the lights, and even tried to flip them over thinking it was the pins. literally nothing has worked. please help.

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