How to Use TikTok LED Strip Lights

Recently, more and more creators on TikTok have been trying out LED strip lights to decorate their rooms, giving them an extremely cool effect, which has also attracted many fans. In actuality, these effects are extremely simple to make; all you need to complete them is one LED strip light for several tens of US dollars. Today we are going to have a look together at how these TikTok creators use LED strip lights to come up with ideas. What should we do to have it look the same as theirs?

Part 1. Most Popular TikTok LED Strip Light Ideas

Part 2. How to Select the TikTok LED Strip Lights

Part 3. How to Install and Use TikTok LED Lights Strip

Part 1. Most Popular TikTok LED Strip Light Ideas

1. Sitcom Background Light

Everyone likes playing with TikTok. A big part of the reason is because there are lots of fun ideas on TikTok. Not only can you see a relaxed mood, but you can also have everyone participate and enter. You can imitate others’ ideas, and you can create different ideas for others to imitate.

Speaking of the ideas on TikTok, the most popular ones are none other than pairing background music or dubbing to perform a sitcom. Sometimes a simple segment can attract tens of thousands of people striving to imitate it. Then, adjusting the LED strip lights to different colors, you can produce the effect of indicating the switching of scenes as background, and also, LED strip lights are extremely good for creating an ambience, and they can be adjusted to different colors depending on demands, enhancing the theatrical sense.

tiktok led strip lights

As for where to install the LED strip lights, that is based on the performer’s needs. The LED strip lights are simple and easy to use. You absolutely do not have to worry about installation problems. Besides, most LED strip lights now can be remotely controlled, so when switching scenes, it is also extremely convenient. As long as you set your color and prepare your show, becoming a rising TikTok star isn’t so hard then! But something you have to watch out for is that there are many different types of LED strip lights. We recommend that you choose RGB or the dreamcolor strip lights. If you select a single-colored strip light, it might be somewhat hard to adjust a greater number of different effects.

2. Dance Background Light

The young ladies dancing on TikTok are just so appealing! When you open TikTok, you can see a lot of girls who love to dance dancing to music in rooms decked out in LED strip lights. The lights pulse along with the music, making people eager to try them out after seeing them. Generally, these are the music LED strip lights selected, and the lights move in sync with the rhythm of the music, making the whole video cooler and more vivid. If you also want to make an indoor dancing video like the gals, select a color music strip light, install it on all parts of the ceiling in the room, match a color based on the music, and then turn on the music. The LED strip light will start to pulse following along with the music, and you can then start to dance!

tiktok dance led strip lights

3.Teaching You How to Adjust Colors

Everyone sees that there are a lot of people on TikTok using LED strip lights in their videos, which then makes the whole video more vivid and more interesting. So there are also more than a few people who try to teach people on TikTok how to use LED strip lights to adjust some special color schemes, such as the color of peaches, the color of before sunset, the color of caramel, the color of lavender, etc. These videos are also extremely popular. If you are good at using LED strip lights, then what’s stopping you from putting your ideas on display?

tiktok led strip lights change color

Part 2. How to Select the TikTok LED Strip Lights

You might want to produce the same TikTok video. You might only want to have the same kind of color LED light effects in your room. Regardless, you’ll need to select a suitable LED strip light.

The most popular ones on TikTok are none other than the RGB and dreamcolor LED strip lights. You can adjust them to different colors however you want based on personal preferences. The dreamcolor LED strip light can also make a strip light display multiple color effects at the same time.

And then there’s the music strip light. On TikTok, there are lots of guys and gals who love to sing and dance. With a music LED strip light as the background, the short dancing video that you produce will be more vivid, and it’ll be more popular. If possible, try comparing dancing videos with an LED strip light background and without an LED strip light background. You will discover the mystery in the midst of that.

In actuality, the current LED strip light technology is becoming increasingly mature. No matter if you need an RGB color strip light or if you want a music strip light that can follow musical beats, all you need is a strip light to satisfy all that. For more information, you can check out Lepro LED Strip Lights.

Part 3. How to Install and Use TikTok LED Lights Strip

Step 1. Determine the Position for TikTok LED Strip Lights Installation

There are so very many models of LED strip lights. The different models have different characteristics. We need to pick out a suitable strip light based on the position where we are going to actually install the strip light. If we’re going to install it in the bathroom or the kitchen, we definitely have to pay attention to the waterproofing function. If we’re going to install it in a bedroom, then waterproofing won’t be a big deal.

Step 2. Pick out a Strip Light of Suitable Length

After confirming the position of installation, we need to measure the dimensions and select an LED strip light of corresponding length. The lengths required for LED strip lights installed on the ceiling and underneath the sofa would certainly not be the same. After an excessively long strip light would be cut, there would be, for the most part, no way to continue to use the excess portion. We must avoid waste as much as possible.

led strip lights of corresponding length

Step 3. Clean the Surface

In order to ensure that the LED strip light can stick to the room ceiling or somewhere else, you need to ensure that the surface is clean and dry before sticking it on. Otherwise, even if you use 3M super glue, you won’t be able to affix it well.  

clean the surface of tiktok led strip lights

Step 4. Adhere the LED Strip Lights

After doing the cleaning, you can take out the strip light and adhere it.

paste tiktok led lights strip

If there is an excess portion, you can cut it off with scissors along the cuttable marked part.

cut tiktok led strip lights

Step 5. Connect the Light Strip, the Connector, and the Power Adapter

The last step is then to connect the light strip to the connector and the power adapter. After hooking it up to the power, you can then adjust the strip light and perform the lighting effects that you would like.

connect tiktok led strip lights

Generally speaking, if you are buying a whole LED strip lights kit, then there will be accessories inside, such as a remote control, an adapter, and a connector. There is also a whole instructions manual that teaches you how to use it. If you still have questions about how to install the LED strip lights, you can also check out the video below for more details. If you’re interested, come now and try out the currently most popular TikTok LED strip light!

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