25 Pack 4ft T8 LED Tube Light, 17W Type B Single Ended Power for Warehouse, Workshop, Garage and Basement. Daylight White 2200lm, Ballast Bypass, DLC Rebates Available

25 Pack 4ft T8 LED Tube Light, 17W Type B Single Ended Power for Warehouse, Workshop, Garage and Basement. Daylight White 2200lm, Ballast Bypass, DLC Rebates Available 11 5 5 1
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Single Ended Power
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Ballast Bypass
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Ballast bypass: The Type B LEDs, also known as Ballast Bypass, are single-ended powered, providing installation flexibility and are an easy fix when the ballasts wear out. In a single-ended tube, the live and neutral pins are located on the same side of the luminant. Bypassing the ballast, we can use a non-shunted lamp holder to connect the wired end of the fixture directly to the neutral and live wires of the mains.

Super bright: The Lepro type B T8 4ft LED tube light delivers 2200 lumens of 5000K brilliant daylight white light and consumes only 17W of power. They can easily be installed and are perfect for illuminating workshops, warehouses, garages, stairwells, basements, etc.

No over-heating: Equipped with the in-built LED solid, premium-grade copper wire string, the type B LED tube light helps avoid over-heating.

DLC certified: Backed by the DLC certification, these potential energy-efficient lights fetch incentives and rebates from utility companies.

5-Year Warranty: The Lepro 4ft LED tube lights offer customers an outstanding five-year unlimited warranty. Please don't hesitate to contact us, in case of any trouble with the light.

Lepro T8 Type B Single Ended 4ft LED Tube Lights

T8 Type B 4ft LED Tube Lights

How to Install T8 4ft LED Tube Lights

Install Type B single ended T8 4ft LED Tube Lights
Install Type A T8 4ft LED Tube Lights
Install Type B double ended T8 4ft LED Tube Lights

Q: How to install Lepro Type B Single-Ended T8 Tube Light

A: 1. Disconnect main power before installation. 2. Cut the output wires on the ballast. 3. Use a non-shunted lamp holder, and connect the N and L wires of the mains to the N and L ends of the lamp holder.4. Install the bracket and the lamp.

Key Features of Lepro LED Tube Light

super bright tube light

Super Bright

Each T8 LED tube can deliver up to 2200lm output. It provides 5000K ultra-bright white light to illuminate the indoor environment.

Energy Saving LED tube light

Energy Saving

Owing to the rational driver and LED module design, the current running through the LED chip only reachs 80% of its maximum permissible value, which means we can achieve as high as 130lm/W lumen efficacy.

Professional LED Driver

Professional LED Driver

Lepro tube lights apply top-level components to enhance the overall stability through the professional circuit design. The drivers reach an impressive maximum of 74.6 years lifetime at 77°F.

Tube light DLC listed

DLC Listed

Lepro LED tubes are DLC certified. Therefore, they can increase your chances of rebates and ensure personal and property safety.

tube light 5 year warranty

5 Year Warranty

Lepro tube lights are designed to be one of the most reliable LED tubes and our company provides a 5-year warranty to release your worries.

bright led security light

No warm-up time

This LED tube light is designed to turn on instantly with full light output. Therefore, you can receive turn full brightness at the first time.

Widely Application for Lepro T8 Tube Light

LED Tube light Application

Lepro LED tubes are a great choice for illuminating workshops, restaurants, garages or basements with strong light. It is an ideal choice for schools, retail spaces, stores, offices, hospitals and other spaces.

SKU 190001-DW-US-25 Color Consistency (SDCM) <6
Power Consumption (W) 17 Brightness (lm) 2200
LED Quantity 108 Light Color Daylight White
Color Temperature (K) 5000 Dimmable Non-dimmable
CRI >80 Beam Angle (Degree) 240
Input Voltage (v) 120-277V AC Frequency (hz) 60
Power Factor >0.9 Lifespan (h) 50000
Material Glass Waterproof No
Protection Rating IP20 Safety Rating FCC
Package Quantity Pack of 25 Units Warranty 5 Years
Energy Rating DLC5.0 Rebate Model Number 190121

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25 Pack 4ft T8 LED Tube Light, 17W Type B Single ...
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