The 5 Best Drop Ceiling Flat Panel Fixtures of 2023

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If you are frustrated, bothered, and sensitive to the glare, flickering, humming noises, and the excessive power requirements of your existing fluorescent ceiling lights, you have come to the right place, and we have the perfect solution for you.

Why Choose LED Flat Panel Lights?

As an answer to all your illumination needs, the LED flat panel lights can put an end to all your concerns, apart from offering a much more luminous light than fluorescent luminaires. LED panel lights were conceived and fashioned to lower the electricity bill and maintenance fee with higher light efficacy and longer lifespan. Likewise, these brilliant lights give you a uniform light distribution with an incomparable and unmatched brightness within your area.

Are you ready to swap your fluorescent ceiling lights for panel lights now? Well, we’ve been diligently doing our homework, kept our part of the deal, and considerably simplified your work in the process. After browsing through gazillions of reviews on Amazon and other online stores and investing a whole load of time in shortlisting them, we have finally narrowed the list down to 5 LED Flat Panel Lights.

5 Best LED Flat Panel Lights  

List of best LED flat panel lights

  1. Lepro 2X2 Drop Ceiling LED Panel Light
  2. ITD Itanda 2×2 ft LED Flat Panel Light
  3. All Smartlife 2×2 4 Pack LED Flat Panel Light
  4. 1000LED 2×2 FT LED Flat Panel Light
  5. Sunco Lighting LED Ceiling Panel, 2×2 FT, 40W

1. Lepro 2X2 Drop Ceiling LED Panel Light

LEPRO, one of the leading global brands in the LED lighting solutions industry, designed and created their 2X2 drop ceiling panel lights, backed by an ETL and DLC certification, making them eligible to apply for government rebates. The Lepro ceiling panel lights render a maximum output of 130lm/w of uniform luminous illumination, thereby lessening power consumption which translates to reduced energy costs.

Owing to the luminous flux amounting to 5200 Lumens, the Lepro panels can illuminate schools, offices, hospitals, other indoor spaces, and the list goes on. Furthermore, these LED panels are visually and aesthetically pleasing.

These LED panels are dimmable, allowing you to adjust the brightness of the lights from 5-100% as per your individual preference. Thus, once again helping you save energy by utilizing only the required amount of lighting.

Inferior-quality frames are often one of the universal problems experienced by customers with a majority of the LED panels in the market. Fortunately, you will never encounter this issue with the premium-grade Lepro panels that are well-constructed. Since the Lepro LED panel frames employ first-class heat dissipation materials, they can stably work, even in a closed environment of above 104 °F (40 °C).

The Lepro LED drop ceiling lights, as a result of being attached with a lifespan of a minimum of 50000 hours, leave you completely relaxed and stress-free about the frequency of replacing your panel lights. Furthermore, the 5-year warranty provided by Neox safeguards your panels if found not functioning well. Besides, the Lepro 2X4 LED panel light also exists as an option.


  • Easy to install; perfect for recessed, suspended, and surfaced mounting
  • 1-10 V dimmable
  • Extended life of 50000 hours
  • Durable and well-built frame
  • High energy savings
  • Affordable price
  • ETL and DLC certified and approved

2. ITD Itanda 2×2 ft LED Flat Panel Light

Established in the year 2006, the ITD ITANDA is a prominent brand manufacturing intelligent life products. Their 2×2 Ft LED flat panel is an expensive yet high-quality product offering you an excellent lighting experience.

ITD Itanda 2x2 ft Panel Light

In the absence of flickers, dark spots, and buzzing sounds, this LED panel creates a workspace that imparts an ambiance that allows you to focus better and be more productive. By adopting these panels, you gain 4000K bright white light, and with their unmatched lumen count of 4200, they provide you extra luminosity with an even distribution of light in your area. Thus, no corner of your room remains unilluminated.

Nevertheless, their dimming capability allows you to effortlessly increase or decrease the level of illumination you require in your area, thereby conserving electricity.

These waterproof panels are suitable for use within your home, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, basement, or in restaurants, hotels, workshops, offices, supermarkets, classrooms, carports, etc.

Perhaps the only shortcoming of this panel is the LED bulb’s limited lifespan of 30000 hours. Apart from that, the build quality of the panel is pretty good and hard to break or bend.


  • A high lumen count of 4200 gives high bright light
  • Dimming capacity
  • Energy savings of up to 82%
  • Easy installation
  • Solid and sturdy panel frame
  • The back hook design prevents the panel from falling


  • A lower life expectancy of 30,000 hours
  • Expensive

3. All Smartlife 2×2 LED Flat Panel Light

Found in 2006, ALL SMARTLIFE is one of the major electronic brands in lighting and charging technology. They offer factory-direct pricing and quality-tested products that fulfill and surpass expectations.

All Smartlife LED Panel Light

Since the ASL-LED flat panel lights are UL listed and carry a quality certification from the Design Lights Consortium (DLC), they may be chosen without any doubt in mind and with complete confidence. Hence, in addition to obtaining bright, radiant light for an extended period of time, you are also eligible to receive a rebate if the panels get damaged in a short while.

Dimmable in nature, these panel lights provide you with a 4147 lm output. The brightness may be altered (just like you regulate the speed of your fan) to suit your needs and give you the required brightness.

You get warm, bright white light of 4000k-4500k temp, and with their color rendering index (CRI) score measuring greater than 80, objects appear the same as seen under natural light. It is the perfect solution for your dining room, drawing hall, etc.

Owing to the compatibility of the LED panel lights with a wide array of ceilings, you can install them hassle-free anytime, anywhere, without changing your existing ceiling.

Amongst many other things, one facet that will undoubtedly capture your attention is that the panel lights can positively be mounted in multiple ways, such as suspension and surface mounted. However, the mounts need to be purchased separately.

Last but not least, the 3-year warranty assures you of superior quality ASL lights. Along with giving you an exceptional experience, they tend to last longer.


  • These are easy to install
  • They provide a CRI score greater than 80
  • Lumen Count of 4147
  • Even and smooth illumination that is flicker-free
  • Dimmable in operation


  • Highly-priced
  • Mounts are sold separately
  • Limited 3-year warranty

4. 1000LED 2×2 FT LED Flat Panel Light

1000LED is another trendy brand in the lighting revolution sector. The entire line of LED lighting products under the 1000LED brand are UL, CUL, DLC, and FCC approved. Above all, in contrast to other similar brands, they may be purchased at a much lower cost. Hence, you are at liberty to opt for and blindly confide in the 1000LED down ceiling panels.

1000LED 2×2 FT LED Flat Panel Light

The panels deliver 4000K of bright warm light, free from flicker and buzzing noise, usually seen in various other brands that cause distress and agitation. Since the CRI levels are measured at greater than 80, all the objects around you would appear, how they would look in a natural setting, and every corner of the room gets well-lit.

The brightness level can be controlled using its dimming capability, in case full brightness is not required, bringing down the electricity bill.

Though these LED panels only utilize 36 Watts of power, they can still supply illumination for a prolonged period of 50,000 hours, equivalent to a 175W halogen bulb, thus slashing energy costs by 85%.

1000LEDS are a popular choice among buyers due to ease of installation and are an ideal choice for retrofit ceilings or new constructions. These LED panels contribute uniform and harmonious lighting, suitable for office spaces, workshops, schools, meeting rooms, restaurants, etc.

Composed of aluminum, the LED panels are an easy fix and do not cause any trouble while lifting or installing them. The only drawback or shortcoming commonly noticed is the troublesome installation on a wall that must be done cautiously.

However, once you start using these LED Panels, we can guarantee that you will not find any complaints regarding their performance. The company furnishes a 5-year warranty that helps reduce grievances, and our professional technicians and customer support are available 24×7 to solve complaints relating to the lights.


  • Dimming capability
  • Easy installation
  • 5-year warranty
  • Lightweight


  • Difficult to install on the wall
  • Expensive

5. Sunco Lighting LED Ceiling Panel, 2×2 FT

The Sunco LED ceiling panel provides an instant-on, radiant light with no buzzing or flickering for maximum eye comfort. Probable locations include retail shops, showrooms, schools, healthcare facilities, and commercial office buildings.

Sunco Lighting LED Ceiling Panel, 2x2 FT

Sunco’s LED ceiling panel perfectly replaces outdated HID fixtures or fluorescent tubes that lower wattage consumption. The Sunco Panels come accompanied by protective brackets at the rear side of the panel for easy installation. In the recessed or drop ceiling illuminants, a highly robust steel frame with a dust-tight design is employed, and the mounting equipment includes brackets, wire nuts, and the junction box.

Sunco confirms high standards for all their products by testing each product, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Sunco, proudly based in the USA, offers top-quality products at affordable prices backed by industry-leading warranties and competent support technicians.


  • 10-year Warranty
  • 50,000-hour lifetime
  • Seamless dimming capabilities (0-10V)


  • Only 110 lm/W of luminous efficacy
LED Panel LightPrice ($/unit)Luminous Efficacy (lm/W)Lifespan (hr)Warranty (year)Dimmable
ITD Itanda42.5010530,000Yes
All Smartlife49.751205Yes
1000 LED7050,0005Yes
List of best LED flat panel light

In this article, we introduce 5 industrial high bay LED lights. Lepro LED panel lights are highly recommended here, click to see more product details.

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