Top 5 LED Tube Lights for Rooms

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LED tube lights are commonly used to replace traditional fluorescent lamps and suitable for home lighting such as kitchens, basements and workshops, as well as for offices, supermarkets or other commercial lighting. The three most common sizes of LED tube lights are T12, T8 and T5 where “T” stands for “tubular”. The diameter of the bulb is in eighths of an inch, so “T8” represents a tube of 8/8ths of an inch, or 1 inch. When choosing a bulb, we should pay attention to its size.

In addition, there are different types of LED tube lights. Type A LED tube lights are plug-and-play lights, Type B LED tube lights require removal of ballasts, while Type C LED tube lights operate with an external driver. As different types of LED tube lights vary in installation and usage methods and in costs (Type B has a relatively low purchase cost), you can choose the right type depending on your needs and budget.

LED lamps are well known to last longer and be more energy efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly than fluorescent lamps. But how do we choose the right LED tube light fixture? Here are 5 popular LED tube lights for you.

Best 5 LED Tube Lights for Home, Office, Supermarket and More

1.Lepro 25 Pack 17W T8 4ft LED Tube Light

This Lepro T8 LED tube light is a Type B double-ended lamp that can directly replace the existing fluorescent lamp after removing the ballast.

  • Safety certified: UL safety certified with 5-year warranty, up to 50,000 hours of service life, and safe use guaranteed.
  • DLC certified: You have the opportunity to get DLC rebates, which will reduce your purchase cost substantially.
  • Energy efficient: The tube light provides 17W, 2200 lumens of brightness, equivalent to 129 lm/w, a color temperature of 5000 K, and Daylight White light and is energy efficient for lower electricity costs.
  • Cost effective: One pack contains 25 tube lights with $4.96 per unit, which is very good value for money.

2.Philips UniversalFit LED Tube Lights

  • The Philips 16W T8 Universal Fit LED Light Bulb is equivalent to a 32W traditional fluorescent lamp with 106 lm/w, saving 55% on your electricity bills.
  • Available in multiple colors. Philips offers three colors: bright white, cool white and daylight white.
  • 36,000-hour lifespan, preferred in kitchens, garages and commercial lighting scenarios including offices and hospitals.
  • A pack of 2, 10 or 30 is available at different prices. For example, a pack of 2 daylight white LED tube lights is priced at $17.60, which is $8.80 per unit.
Philips UniversalFit LED Tube Lights

3.toggled LED Tubes

  • 16W toggled LED tubes can be used to replace 28W- 40W T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps. It provides 2000 lumens of brightness, equivalent to 125 lm/w, and a color temperature of 6500K.
  • This dimmable tube requires rewiring upon installation. Installation by a professional is recommended if necessary.
  • The product has a service life of 50,000 hours and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • A pack of 2 LED tubes is priced at $22.93, or $11.47 per unit, which is slightly more expensive than other brands.
toggled LED Tubes

4.Great Value LED Light Bulb

  • As a replacement for 32W-40W T8/T12 fluorescent lamps, the 17W Great Value LED Light Bulb provides soft white lighting, 48 inches in length and a lifespan of up to 44 years. It is not dimmable.
  • The product is compatible with most ballasts on the market, but confirmation before installation and usage is recommended.
  • Only $8.88 for a pack of 2, or $4.44 per unit.
Great Value LED Light Bulb

5.Sunco Lighting 8 Pack 4FT 48 Inch T8 Tube LED Light Bulbs

  • The Sunco Lighting 18W 4FT T8 Tube LED Light Bulb, equivalent to a 40W traditional fluorescent lamp, provides 5000K, 2200lm and daylight white lighting. This single-ended light bulb requires removal of the ballast.
  • It saves 55% on your electricity bills and has 50,000 hours of life and a low cost of usage.
  • Suitable for indoor lighting in stores, offices, garages, warehouses, kitchens, basements, bathrooms and workshops, etc.
  • ETL & DLC certified and safety guaranteed. You have the opportunity to receive government subsidies.
  • A pack of 8 is priced at $51.99, or $6.50 per unit.
Sunco Lighting 8 Pack 4FT 48 Inch T8 Tube LED Light Bulbs

These LED tube lights from five different brands vary in features and you may choose what suits you best according to your needs. But here we recommend Lepro LED tube lights, which are safety guaranteed and are the most cost-effective option.

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