Factory Lighting – LED Fixtures Design & Requirement

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Factory lighting is highly imperative, not only for the purpose of illuminating an entire production workshop or facility but also to prevent worker fatigue, fend off accidents, and restrict the soaring rate of defective products. Staring at the same object and performing repetitive and routine tasks for hours on end induces burnout, weariness, and exhaustion, leaving one emotionally drained, thereby reducing productivity.

Factory Lighting Requirements

Furnishing appropriate, adequate and quality lighting plays a prominent and pivotal role in all factory settings. A good lighting design helps create a bright and refreshing working environment that promotes the work efficiency of workers while reducing the probability of work-related accidents to a considerable extent. So, the big question is how do we design the factory’s lighting?

First and foremost, let’s discuss the factors that need to be considered and the effects the factory lighting design in an industrial setting needs to achieve. The factory illuminants are required to:

1. Offer sufficient illumination in the workspace to create a radiant and pleasant atmosphere for workers.

2. Clear visibility of blind spots in the production workshop, ensuring workers’ safety and efficiency.

3. Prevent the generation of glare and reduce visual fatigue during work.

How can these requirements be fulfilled? Below, we mainly analyze the two major aspects of lighting methods and lamp selection when deciding on factory lighting for a warehouse.

Factory Lighting Design and Layout

1. Lighting Methods for Factory

Much like the residential and commercial grade lighting, factory lighting is also mainly divided into ambient, task, and accent lighting. It is sometimes difficult to avoid shadows and blind spots by relying solely on general lighting. Therefore, in this regard, we need to coordinate and find the optimum balance between the above three lighting methods to ensure better visibility and meet specific requirements.

2. Lighting Fixtures for Workshops

Choosing the ideal and appropriate lighting best suited for your factory setting and requirements is of utmost importance. They include:

LED T8 Tubes (Retrofit in Factories)

T8 LED Tubes are perfect replacements for the traditional T8, T10, and T12 tubes. Featuring a translucent lens cover, the T8 LED Tubes look precisely like their fluorescent counterparts but with added energy-saving properties and a higher light flux. For example, the Lepro LED T8 Tube lights have a light efficacy of 130 lm/W. Typically found in factories and production ceilings, the T8 LED Tubes simply retrofit into existing lighting fixtures without the need for external components, thereby granting Operation Managers some downtime during the installation process. Thanks to their robustness and impact-resistant feature, they are absolutely ideal and highly suitable for food production factories in addition to car production and manufacturing environments.

LED UFO High Bay Light (for Large Factory)

LED High Bay lights are apt for larger factory spaces and workshops with high ceilings (6m and above). Equivalent to a 400W metal halide, the Lepro 150W LED UFO high bay delivers a staggering 21750 Lumens output (145 lm/W light efficacy) with a relatively large beam angle. It is an excellent choice for ambient lighting in factories and is perfect for illuminating machinery and assembly lines. There are also 100W and 240W high bay lights available, you can choose the right one according to your factory height.

LED Linear High Bay Light

The LED linear high bay is the perfect solution for factories that adopt traditional low bay and floodlight fixtures. With a high output of 120Lm/W and a 120° beam angle, the LED linear high bay is fit for positioning on factory ceilings of 4m and above. This multi-purpose LED luminaire can also be mounted externally to ensure health and safety in exterior and interior factory areas. The dimmable feature is also essential to conserve energy and adjust the brightness to accommodate the perfect ambient radiance.

Designing Your Factory Lighting Layout

The ideal lighting solution can impact the ceiling height and the anticipated natural and accent light levels. The ultimate goal of a factory lighting layout is to generate the recommended lumens per square foot, given the size of your space and how you will want to utilize it. The creative Lepro engineering team provides lighting design consultancy services and solutions. In case you need any help or assistance, you can click the ‘Contact Us’ button to get in touch with our support team.

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