Complete Guide to UFO LED High Bay Lights

Q: What are UFO LED High Bay Lights?  Where to Use LED Round UFO High Bay Lights?

A: UFO LED high bay lights are LED lights which are shaped like UFOs and mainly used for commercial or industrial lighting, such as warehouses, factories, garage, shopping malls, etc. They can illuminate large areas.

In general, the usage of UFO LED high bay lights depends on the height of ceilings, installation angle, luminous flux and the power of light fixtures, etc. If you mount a 100W UFO LED high bay light in a 10 feet high room, it will feel overpowering because of the excessive brightness. On the other hand, if you mount a regular bedroom LED light in a warehouse over 15 feet or even 40 feet high, you would not get your desired brightness.

Part 1. How to Install UFO High Bay Light?

Part 2. Why Choose LED UFO High Bay Lights?

Part 3. How to Caculate the Numbers of UFO LED High Bay Lights I Need

Part 4. Recommend the Best UFO LED High Bay Lights

Part 1. How to Hang UFO High Bay Light?

Take Lepro UFO LED high bay light as an example, there are 3 ways to mount it depending on the installation conditions.

1. Hook Mount

Step 1. Turning off the power

Before the installation, it’s important to make sure to turn off the power. Do not install when power is still turned on, so as not to get shocked.

turn off the power before hanging ufo led lights

Step 2. Wiring

Connect the light’s wire to ac power. The black wire connects to live wire, the white wire connects to the neutral line, and the green wire connects to ground wire. Make sure to not mix the wires to avoid safety hazard.


Step 3. Screwing in the hook hanger

If the ceiling is ready to mount or if the hook is mounted already, UFO high bay light could be mounted directly through the hook. If not, you should drill a hole to mount the hook.

You could find a hook hanger among the accessories. First attach the hook hanger onto the top of the UFO high bay light, then tighten the screws on the side to secure the hanger.

screw the hook hanger of ufo high bay led

Step 4. Hanging the UFO high bay light

Use the hook hanger to hang the UFO high bay light onto the mounted hook. Install the hook first if there isn’t one already.

hanging the UFO high bay light

Step 5. Connecting the dimmer

If the UFO high bay light you bought has dimming feature, you can see two  extra wires to connect to your dimmer (dimmer not included), so you could adjust the light of the UFO high bay light as needed. The purple wire represents “+” adjustment, the gray wire represents “-“ adjustment. Of course, if you don’t need the dimming feature, you could choose not to use the two wires.

Step 6. Turning on the power

The UFO LED high bay light installs easily. After connecting it to the switch,  you could turn the power back on and it will be ready to use.

2. Ceiling Mount

You can also mount the lights onto the ceiling using a U-shaped bracket. Compared to the above mentioned hoop hanger method, you will need to prepare your own U-shaped bracket. Also you can use this type of frame to adjust the angles. We recommend this method of mounting if you are particular about the lighting angle.

Step 1. Cutting the power

Same as before, the first step is to turn off the power. Do not operation when power is turned on.

Step 2. Connecting Wires

Same connection method as above, and connect to the AC power with the live wire, neutral line and ground wire.

Step 3. Mounting the U-shaped bracket

Mount the U-shaped bracket on both sides of the UFO LED high bay light with screws and make sure the light can be hung with the frame.

mounting the U-shaped bracket

Step 4. Hanging the U-shaped bracket

Measure the distance between the two holes on the U-shaped bracket, and mark the ceiling. Drill a small hole on the wall using a drill of the same diameter as the plastic expansion tube. Hammer in the expansion tube, tightened the screws through U-shaped bracket and secure the bracket on the ceiling. The UFO LED high bay light will thus be suspended.

hang ufo led high bay lights with u-shaped bracket

Step 5. Connecting the dimmer

Connect the wires on the light to a dimmer if needed.

Step 6. Adjusting the angle and turn on the power

Adjust the angle of the light via the U-shaped bracket, then connect the switch and turn of the power.

adjust the angle of led ufo high bay

3. 1/2’’ NPT Mount

Apart from the methods above, you could also use a 1/2” NPT to mount the UFO LED high bay light. A steel pipe and brackets are used to hang the light, instead of mounting the bracket directly to the ceiling.

This is a easy way to install. First, secure the bracket onto the light, then unscrew the 1/2” NPT nut, connect the steel pipe and the bracket, tighten the 1/2” NPT nut, so that you can hang the steel pipe up. Afterwards you could follow the steps above to connect the light to AC power, and check the lighting result.

npt mount led ufo high bay light

All 3 installation methods are applicable to Lepro UFO LED high bay light. You can choose one according to the actual situation.

Part 2. Why Choose LED UFO High Bay Lights?

With the development of high bay light technology, UFO LED high bay lights have become the best choice for many large-scale industrial or commercial lighting. Compared with traditional lightings like xenon lights or metal-halide lamp, they mainly have the following advantages.

  1. High lighting efficiency and low energy cost. A 100W UFO LED high bay light could replace a 300W HID lamp and save the electricity cost by 66%. A 150W UFO LED high bay light could replace a 450W HID lamp and save the electricity cost by 66%. A 240W UFO LED high bay light could replace a 750W HID lamp and save the electricity cost by 68%.
  2. The light is soft and even with no strobing, which is safe and harmless to eyes.
  3. With an IP65 water and dust resistance and an anti-surge protection system, they can be used in damp places or other harsh environments.
  4. The lights’ temperature remains low because of LED’s low heat emission as well as the aluminum shell’s high heat dissipation efficiency. The lights are softer, and less likely to catch fire because of overheating.
  5. The lights have a long span because the outer shells underwent paint baking treatment. They are anti-oxidation, anti-salt fog, anti-corrosion and anti-rust; there’s no need to change them frequently.
  6. UFO high bay LED lights are green, environment friendly, lead-free and mercury-free. They contain no polluting elements and are safe for the environment.
ufo high bay led lights

Part 3. How to Caculate the Numbers of UFO LED High Bay Lights I Need

Normally you need to select lighting with the right power based on the desired illumination of the scene and the height of suspension. In different scenarios, the desired illumination is different, and the relevant parameters it needs are different. It is recommended to check the IES files attached before buying an UFO LED high bay light, and make the calculation with a professional lighting software, such as DIALux, AGI32, etc. When calculation the number of the lights, you need to provide some basic parameters, such as the size of the room, the length, the width, the height, the needed illuminance of the place, etc. Input the IES files to the softwares, and the desired lighting layout will be planned. You can also view the effect of the light after installation, it’s fast and accurate.

ufo led high bay warehouse lights

Part 4. Recommend the Best UFO LED High Bay Lights

This is the introduction of UFO LED high bay lights, if you are looking for a high bay light suitable for industrial or commercial lighting, Lepro UFO LED High Bay Light is the best choice. In addition to the features of UFO LED high bay light itself, the products from Lepro are highly competitive. First, the products come with UL and DLC certificate. They are safe and economical for industrial and commercial use. Second, the Lumileds LED used comes with a 5-year warranty and the  product quality is guaranteed. Besides, as a substitute for the traditional metal-halide lamps, Lepro high bay lights could basically save over 60% of the electricity cost. Finally, there are lights of various different wattage for your different needs. If you want to learn more, you can got to the UFO High Bay Lights category for more info.

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