How to Install 120V LED Strip Lights – Easy to Follow 3 Steps

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The installation guide is for 120V LED strip light. If you buy 12V LED strip light kit, please read 12V LED strip light installation guide.

How to Install 120V LED strip lights? Following 3 steps are easy to follow

1.Take out LED strips from the package

120v led strip light

2.Fix the light strip to placement you want by clips in the package. We recommend that using clip every 3ft. Please do not cover LED.

Fix LED strip light by clips

3.Plug and play.

Done. Now if you buy RGB LED strips, you can choose color by remote controller. Is it easy to follow?

Please kindly note: current version of 110V LED strip light can not be cut. We will release new version which can be cut in late 2020.

Hope the guide helps.

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