How to Install LED Strip Lights – Easy to Follow Installation Guide

The installation guide is for 12V LED strip light kit. LED strip Lights are great for decorating your home. Its simple and superb design can embellish the color of the home stereo space and enhance the atmosphere.

Now you can watch the video or follow the steps below to check how to install, cut and connect LED strip lights.

Part 1. How to Install LED Strip Lights

Part 2. How to Cut LED Lights Strip

Part 3. How to Connect LED Strip Light Sections

Part 1. How to Install LED Strip Lights?

Step 1. Dry and clean the surface

Before adhering any strip lights, clean the surface of the area you will be placing the lights on. This is vital to keeping it mounted for a long time to come. It is recommended to apply your strip lights on smooth stable surfaces. It should not be placed on rough or textured surfaces or any surfaces that can bend or move.

how to install led strip lights

Step 2. Unroll the light strip, stick to the surface

The LED strip lights come rolled on a spool. Simply unroll the length of lighting you will be working with, remove the adhesive backing and stick to the desired surface. Press down on each part of the strip so it is firmly adhered to the surface and has no air bubbles.

how to hang led strip lights

You can use fixing clips to strengthen the strip light’s installation and ensure they stay in place. Peel off the adhesive tape and apply it to the surface with the non-sticky area over the strip light.  If you choose, you can secure the clip further by screwing it to the surface.

installing led strip lights

Notice: Not all of the LED strip lights on are equipped with the fixing clips, please check the new models if needed.

Step 3. Connect LED light strip and turn on the light

Once your strip lights are secured, you can attach it to the controller and power adapter, then plug it into an electrical outlet. Using the remote control, remove the insulation sheet first, press any color on the remote control to change the lighting color.

how to install led light strips

Part 2. How to Cut LED Lights Strip

Each strip light has special designated sections where you can cut the strip. Be sure to make a clean straight cut only in these designated sections. Cutting it in a non-designated area will damage the strip lights.

how to set up led strip lights

Part 3. How to Connect LED Strip Light Sections

Did you know you can design your strip lights to make twists and turns, go around corners or even over non-flat surfaces? Use the corner or straight flexible connectors and connector clips.

how to connect led strip lights

To join two strip light sections together, use a connector clip. Push the open end of each strip into the clip, then close it to lock it in.

lepro led strip lights

To make your light strips go around a corner, use one corner connector and 2 connector clips.

how to put up led light strips

You can even make your strip lights go over uneven surfaces if you need to. Connect a flexible strip connector to the strip lights and over the uneven area. Connect the other end to the rest of the lighting.

how to set up led light strips

Now you can feel free to change and choose the light color atmosphere you want. If you use a remote control, don’t forget to unplug the battery insulation sheet before use.

For rough surfaces, you may need to install mounting clips to keep the strip light stable. For moist places like bathrooms, waterproof strip lights are recommended. And now you can check the LED strip lights category to get more.

63 thoughts on “How to Install LED Strip Lights – Easy to Follow Installation Guide”

    1. Hello I Love the Led Lights But I’m confused a Little bit Because The Charger Can I Put the Led lights Up On the Ceiling Without Connecting the Charger. To the Led Lights? Is There a Way to Charge them and Put them up by themselves?

  1. Was wondering what the lil clips with screws are. Id rather not put sticky tape on freshly painted walls. I thought I ciuld use the clip thgs but the strip doesn’t slip THRU it like I thought. The video doesn’t show these lil clips in it anywhere!!

    1. Dear KELLI, Thats because the little clip things that you are talking about are not little clip things, they are actually slots for wires to be attached into.😄 They have absolutely nothing to do with hanging the strip on the wall.

  2. I bought 2 16.4 waterproof LED strip lighting… They are useless without the adapter for power. i received the lighting today. Very disappointed. I ordered the 2 for front and back for the holidays but I have no adapter or power cord… Please help.

  3. Hi, I have bought the Lepro 2x 32.8ft strips. I want to use them on the base of the stairs and under the hand railing. Is there an issue with them being touched? Will they be hot? They are model # 410086-RGB-US.

    1. They are safe to be touched. But please notice that they should be tiled and not twisted together, otherwise it will cause a short circuit and the light bar will heat up.

  4. After installing the LED Pro RGB set for approx 2 weeks, adjusting the controller caused the light strip to separate right at the connector that would normally be plugged in to the controller – are there replacement connectors that attach to the strip on one end and the controller on the other ?

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience. There is only 1 connector in each LED lights strip kit, and please try not to move the controller after connecting. If you have more problem with the strip lights, please email to to get the after-sales service.

  5. I didn’t get any connecter in my order. How do I connect to strips. I phoned Amazon .they said it doesn’t come with connector. Help! How do I connect?

  6. This has been extremely disappointing I bought strips cut in all proper places and had got connectors, did every thing the right way and has still not worked
    Only the beginning of a strip
    This has been a waste of money so far !

    1. Sorry for the inconvenient. But if you cut the light strip, only the part of the light strip connected to the controller can work properly. If you have more questions about lights strip, please email to to get the after-sales service.

  7. Disappointed that I purchased the 50 feet of the stops that came on two reels bit bi connector is provided or available on Amazon so that I can connect the two. Even this website says “connector coming soon”. How does one connect two reels when you’re putting them around one room?…

    1. This “connector coming soon” means that this connector will help reconnect your strips when you cut it into two. If you bought the 50ft lights strip, you can connect two reels without any problem.

      1. How do you do that? I bought the 65 Ft with two reels. I do not see how they connect together. You should provide written or instructional video on your website. Do I need to buy a separate connector to attach the two reels? I bought TWO set ups for both my kids rooms. Advise please.

    1. Hi, please notice that if you cut the light strip, only the part of the light strip connected to the controller can work properly.

  8. Hi – in the instructions for the LED lights, it says not to hang them on white painted walls. Why is this? Our walls are white.
    Thank you

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  11. Albert Williamson

    Nice Post, this shows your deep insight and hardwork regarding this topic. Thanks for Pointing out that low-voltage lighting will be ideal choice for walkways and entrances. I will definitely choose led-spotlights for the customizable outdoor lighting for the walkway going to the garden in my backyard.

  12. I bought two different strip lights in the same room both on own adapter but remote turns off other- only one at a time will work I have two remotes and have them on same strip plug but separate why can’t I turn on both

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